Tuesday, 25 July 2017

How to Store Your Spiritual Stuff

It isn’t easy. Making sure each and every item in your home has a designated spot can be a real chore – especially if you want things to be organized. While it may be fairly simple to find a place for your kitchen supplies or hand towels, when it comes to your spiritual stuff, it can be a little more challenging. Where should your oracle cards go? Books? Crystals? Grids? The list goes on and on. Not to worry! These tips will make storage a cinch.

Figure Out What You Have. First thing is first. Take some time to look at everything you have. Put all of your spiritual stuff in one spot so you can assess how much storage space you’ll need, what you have more of, what you want to prioritize, and so on. It’s amazing how quickly we lose sight of what we have…so this step is super important on your path towards organization.

Decide What You’ll Display. Out of everything you have, there are probably a few special, unique, or meaningful items that you will want prominently displayed around your home. For example, a crystal that promotes balance or positive energy, a wall hanging dedicated to the chakras, or your go-to book for home remedies. Put items that are used often (or for a specific purpose, like cleansing) in a place that makes sense and brings you joy.

Choose Your Storage Method. This next step is important. Yes, it is time to make some decisions about how you’ll store everything. Will you dedicate an entire bookshelf to your spiritual items? Or a table? Or a room? Me personally, I keep things in decorative cardboard boxes from the dollar store. There is one for crystals, two for books, one for candles, and one for other miscellaneous items. (This is an ideal solution if your family/roommate/significant other does not know or approve of your spiritual beliefs. It happens.) Decide if you want things neatly tucked away, semi-visible, or out in the open.

These are a few ideas to help you get started - and store your beloved items with thought and care. 

How do you store your spiritual stuff?

- Shannon 

Monday, 24 July 2017

Home Week

Your home is your sanctuary and should be treated as such. The energy of your home should be an extension of you. This week we're focusing on how to clear the negative energy, how to increase positive energy, and how to store your spiritual items. We've also included a simple craft that you can make for your home! Enjoy!

Upcoming Posts This Week:
Tuesday: How to Store Your Spiritual Stuff
Wednesday: How to Cleanse a Home
Thursday: Crystals to Give Your Home Positive Energy
Friday: Quick and Simple Craft to Add to Your Sacred Space

- Amanda and Shannon

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Positivity Is Power

We are our own worst critics. As women, a sense of judgement is ingrained in us – whether we choose to accept it or not. Some people blame the media. Others point the finger at misogynistic viewpoints. Unrealistic expectations. The idea of a weaker sex. For a long time, this seemed acceptable to me. It was this normal, unspoken thing that happened in the world. As a result? My self-esteem was low, I constantly compared myself to others, and felt undeserving of love and happiness.

It wasn’t until after I had graduated from University that things began to shift. As I discovered more about myself – my true self – my confidence grew. Bit by bit. Slowly but surely. That journey continues to this day. As I focus more on my path, my beliefs, and my goals, my strength as a woman becomes stronger. Though, I confess, it has been difficult to watch the societal changes over the last few years.

For example, gossip websites pit successful women against each other. YouTube comments are loaded with sexist comments, not to mention threats of rape and violence. The President of the United States tweets derogatory things about successful women. Online forums call for boycotts of female-led movies, like Ghostbusters and Wonder Woman. Simply put? It is a scary time to be an outspoken woman.

That is why it is time for us to come together. Though we all have moments where we criticize ourselves and our fellow females…. we can be the change. There are people in this world that want women to fight one another. To be “catty” or “overly emotional.” To conform to their distorted ideas of what it means to be a girl.

It is essential that we treat each other with respect, fight against social injustice, and make this world a beautiful place. I pledge to be kinder to myself and to others…. because positivity is power. Will you join me? 

- Shannon 

Friday, 21 July 2017

How To Build Up Your Female Friendships and Empower Each Other

I will never forget these words " You look like hell in a hand basket".  This was what was said to me (in front of people) from a person who I used to call a friend.  I had just walked into Walmart, wearing my sweat pants (because of my fresh tattoo), my hair was tussled due to the wicked rain storm and I was sick (getting medicine from Walmart). It really shouldn't matter what I looked like, there was no need for that.

Why do females think it's a good idea to bring each other down? Society does that enough for us. We should be building each other up, rather than tearing each other down. Some how it became socially acceptable to insult each other, and we are suppose to accept it. Maybe even insult back. Then someone goes to far and we all walk away unhappy. What is the point of doing this little dance? Let's talk about what we can do to build up our friendships instead.

  1. Compliment each other. It's really simple. Rather than insulting each other, compliment each other. A simple compliment can go along way. Both parties will walk away feeling better about themselves. It's a win win situation.
  2. Encourage each other. When someone is doing something fantastic in their lives, or going in a new direction, it is great to hear that someone stands behind their decision. That can make all the difference between doubting yourself and feeling confident. 
  3. Connect with each other on a regular basis. This is so important. I'm not saying every day. I know that life gets pretty busy sometimes. Checking in with each other needs to be done on both sides of the friendship. One can not make all the effort. That is tough, and also a little annoying. There are two in this friendship, so everyone needs to make an effort.
  4. Do activities together that helps to grow the friendship. No need to sit there and gossip. Why not do an activity together? Go to a movie, try a paint and drink night, or go to a new restaurant together. Doing different activities will help strengthen your friendship and who knows maybe you guys will learn more about each other.
  5. Push each other. Doubting ourselves is natural. That is why we need good friends to help us out of that. We need friends who know us so well to help motivate us and give us the courage to try something new. 

All of these tips are simple and easy to implement. So the next time you want to insult your female friendships or want to bring them down a bit, try one of these instead. They will strengthen your friendship and make it better!

What are your tips for building a better friendship? Let us know in the comment section below!


Thursday, 20 July 2017

Progress and Pirates of the Caribbean

Earlier this summer, my family and I took a trip to Walt Disney World. During our time there, we went on countless rides…including Pirates of the Caribbean. I remember sitting on the boat as we passed by the infamous auction scene. Honestly? I’d never thought much about it before. It was just part of the ride. Nothing more and nothing less. But maybe I’ve changed since my last visit.

I remember sitting there in the dark, thinking, this isn’t okay. In front of me, animatronic women were being sold off to pirates, with the largest woman being sold “by the pound.” Images of fear, possession, and rape culture crept through my mind, tainting a beloved park ride forever.

Not long after I returned home, it was announced that Pirates of the Caribbean would be undergoing a makeover. The auction scene would be altered – and a female pirate would be introduced. How wonderful! I was over the moon until I read the comment section on the article. There were vile, disgusting, and downright terrifying messages. Ones that confirmed my fears that not only is sexism alive and well…. but it has been paired with aggression and violence.

Reading those comments reminded me why I don’t walk home alone at night, why I always pay attention when I am out and about, and why there is a metal pipe hidden behind my bedroom door. Here’s the thing: those commenters are not up in arms about a ride change. The real issue is that deep down (or not so deep down), those people view women as possessions. Things to be owned. And the changes being made to the ride symbolize that these viewpoints are no longer socially acceptable. That scares the shit out of them. Keeping the ride as-is is nothing more than an excuse to further inequality.

(And for the ones who try to hide their sexism by claiming the line “we wants the redhead” should be kept for ride integrity…where were your outcries when Pirates was re-themed to include Jack Sparrow?)

If this is the reality of the world around us, what are we supposed to do? Sit back quietly and wait for the sexist idiots to die out? No! First of all, remember that you are not powerless. You have a voice and there are things you can do to make a positive change in this world. Here are a few ideas....
  • Do not feed the trolls. Internet trolls, that is. Arguing with them is pointless. It will not make you feel better, it will not change their minds, and it will not add any sort of positivity into this world. Report or block whenever possible.
  • Have educated discussions with people in your life. Talk to friends and family members about your viewpoints - and be open to intelligent debates and discussions.
  • Volunteer, donate, or re-Tweet organizations like Planned Parenthood, women's shelters, and charities for women.
  • Be kind to others whenever possible. Because clearly this world needs some love!
  • Use crystals for positive energy. This can be helpful for both yourself and others. The more love we spread, the better.
What do you think about the changes being made to the ride? 

- Shannon

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

What Wonder Woman and Other Female Superheros Taught Me!

As a kid, and a teenager I was considered one of the boys. Truth be told even now I only have a couple of girlfriends. On my dad's side between my cousins and my brother, there are 6 boys. So it was either play with the boys, or hang out with the adults. I chose the boys.

Even at school, I preferred to run around with the boys. We would play sports, super heroes or power rangers. I always wanted to be the Red Ranger. As a super hero I wanted to be Wolverine (I still do). I never wanted to be the Pink Ranger or Batgirl. To me the male heroes were much more fun to play. They were strong, indestructible and quite frankly no one seemed to be able to take them down. As far as I knew back then anyways.

So why did I not want to be a girl superhero? Well quite frankly I didn't know much about them. Yes they were on tv shows, but they were never front and centred or they didn't last long as a solo superhero. They were in comics, but most of the time they weren't as popular as say Batman or Superman.

This by no way means I was less feminine than my female friends. I still loved to dress up, took dance lessons, organized school dances, and wore makeup. Lots of makeup. I read girly magazines, dated and crushed hard on silly boys. In my mind, I was the right combination of girly and tomboy.

As an adult and dating a comic book "enthusiast", my movie and tv show choices, are mostly about superheroes. I haven't missed a DC or Marvel movie in years, and currently watch 6 superhero shows every season. While most of these shows are focused on the male superhero, we are finally seeing more female superheroes come out and kick some real ass.

Supergirl, Black Widow, and White Canary are just a few superheroes (or Legends in White Canary's case) that are changing what it means to be a female superhero. Each one of these characters have proven that while it is nice to be part of a team, you can also rely on your own strength and abilities to do some serious damage. Bad ass? Absolutely!

This summer another female superhero hit the big screen. Wonder Woman! This was huge for every female out there, especially the young and impressionable. We have never had a female superhero do so fantastic at the box office.  Kudos to DC for giving Wonder Woman her own movie!

So what made her the strongest female role model we have seen in years? She fought to make the world better. She wanted to end the war in order to save mankind. She had no hidden agendas, or ulterior motives. She succeeded, when every man told her basically to let the men handle it. According to them, she had no place taking part in decision making. Unfortunately that was the norm during World War 1.

Most of the heavy hitter superhero movies and shows are shot in a modern setting. Most of them are also very team driven. In these movies, we have seen more modern themes, and scenarios. It is a nice change of pace to remind us how women had to deal with society in the 10s and 20s. It made sure we remember all the real life female superheroes who stood up and helped make positive changes for us present day females. Rosa Parks, Elenor Roosevelt, Margaret Chase Smith, and Margaret Thatcher, are just some of the names we should never forget. It is important for us women to remind us of where we came from, so that we can continue to make changes in the future. Thank you DC and Wonder Woman for reminding me of that.

Where as some other female superheroes have an extremely tough exterior, Wonder Woman showed us that a sense of innocence, a pure heart and good intentions will help you achieve greatness in life. Sometimes we forget that. Sometimes we think that it is easier to fight fire with fire in order to get our voices heard. Maybe it is easier, but is that the message we want to send to the younger generation? Here is what I want to impart to the next generation:

  • Become your own superhero. Learn to rely on your own abilities and skills. You're stronger than you think.
  • Find a cause you're passionate about. Work towards making the world a better place. We all need to leave the world a bit better for the females who come after us.
  • The best defense does not mean you need a strong offense. Just because some one attacks, does not mean you should attack back. Gandhi was a smart man, "An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind". If you want to make the world a better place, do it with kindness. It may take a little longer, but you will be remembered for positive actions rather than negative.
What do you think about how the female superheroes are being portrayed? What qualities do you want to emulate? Let us know in the comment section below!


Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The Problem With Comparison

Comparison has always been a part of my life. Whether I was comparing myself to my older sister, girls in my elementary school class, or fictional TV characters…. it just seemed to happen. They were beautiful, cool, and confident. (Everything I felt I would never be.) Plus, there was no way they would ever worry about how they looked or what other people thought of them. Quite simply, I just didn't measure up. 

Yes, I have spent my entire life comparing and critiquing. And it all centered around the idea that I was different, other, or not enough. The funny thing is? Most women spend their lives doing the exact same thing. Day in and day out. We endlessly wonder what it would be like to look a certain way or live a brag-worthy life. As if those things would take away all of the self-doubt and fear that lives inside of us. It won't.....because we were raised to compare, compare, compare.

Growing up, we heard our mothers, aunts, and female role models make negative comments about themselves (or other women). We saw supermodels with airbrushed thighs. We watched girls in movies change themselves to become popular. Society has trapped us in a never-ending cycle of negativity. That cycle keeps us feeling small and scared - so we never tap into our true power as strong, beautiful, supportive women.

My advice? Do your best to avoid the comparisons. Whenever a thought like, "I wish I looked like her,” or “I could never pull off that hairstyle,” pops into your head, think OUT! As that thought dissolves, you will be able to focus on what really matters: love and support. Another way to fight back against comparison is to shower yourself with positive affirmations. 
  • I love myself. 
  • I am beautiful. 
  • I am strong. 
  • I am confident. 
  • I do not compare myself to others.

The more loving you are with yourself....the less likely you are to compare yourself to others. You will already know that you are more than enough. Comparison may be a part of our past but it doesn’t have to be a part of our future. Fight back against this negative conditioning and let your authentic self shine through.

- Shannon