Monday, 25 December 2017

Happy Holidays from Cosmic Positivity

This is my favourite time of year. There is something special about the way people come together, share joy, and spread positive energy wherever they go. I often find myself wishing that it could be this way all year round. With the holiday season officially here, I wanted to let you know that there will not be any posts for the next little bit. I am taking a bit of a blogging break! So, to anyone that is reading this post right now, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. Thank you for supporting this page, for interacting, reading, and helping us spread love and light.

Happy holidays. I hope you have a blessed day and a wonderful New Year.

"Believe in the magic of the season."

- Shannon

Friday, 22 December 2017

Snowflakes, Memories, and Moving On

I used to love when it snowed. I would sit by my window and watch the small, fluffy flakes fluttering down from the sky for hours. It amazed me. It inspired me. It made me feel whole. Sure, the snowflakes were beautiful…. but that wasn’t the reason that I loved to watch it snow. Somewhere along the line, I decided that snowflakes looked like feathers from the wing of an angel. So whenever it started to snow, it made me feel safe and warm. Like I was being looked after or taken care of. No matter where I was or what I was doing, the snowflakes had a way of making me feel protected.

Then, that idea morphed once again. As I got older, certain people in my life passed away. Many of them during the winter months. So the snow became a symbol of something else for me: a hello from the loved ones I had lost. Whenever it snowed, I smiled, because I knew they were nearby, letting me know that everything was alright. It gave me an enormous sense of comfort…. especially when I was struggling through the grieving process. The sight of snow actually helped me move on in a healthy way. In my own way. 

These days, I still smile when it snows. Because it reminds me of the happy memories. The comfort, the joy, and the love that I felt. It reminds me that life is beautiful and there is always someone up above…waiting to say hello.

- Shannon

Thursday, 21 December 2017

7 Crystals to Get you Through the Winter Season

For some people winter is a great season. There is a lot of activities that can only be done in winter such as skiing. For others winter can be a tough time for them. There is not much to do, they stay indoors and they anxiously wait for warmer weather. Or they travel to warmer weather. Either way we have some crystals for you this season! Check them out!

Ruby- This crystal is important for the winter. It helps to battle lethargic feelings. It also helps to stimulate blood flow. This gemstone is used particularly on the winter solstice.

Garnet- A crystal known for vitality and fire, make sure to keep this on you around New Year's eve. It is said to help focus your creativity and set goals for the new year!

Rose Quartz- If your family is known to get a little snippy with each other around the holidays, then this is the gemstone to have on you during the Christmas season. Rose quartz will help to bring love in the home. More love and less stress is always a good thing!

Sunstone- When the days become shorter and the nights seem longer, Sunstone is a good crystal to have on hand. It will give you a little bit more energy, both mentally and physically.

Red Jasper- This stone has a really strong spiritual vibration. It helps to ground you and relieve stress.

Bloodstone- This stone is used particularly on the winter solstice, but is also good to use throughout the winter season. It helps to eliminate misunderstandings (great for Christmas) and promotes decision making (good for New Years).

Snowflake Obsidian- This crystal is another great one for the new year.  It helps you to look inside yourself and be open to change. That is perfect for new year's resolutions!

What is your go to crystal for the winter season? What do you like to work with?


Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Winter Themed Meditations

Just because the weather is changing doesn’t mean your routine has to. Maybe you are someone who likes to spend time outdoors to re-charge your energy (or your crystals). Or perhaps you like nothing more than doing a meditation in the woods. Even when there is snow littering the ground and cold temperatures, you can still get in touch with nature. Inside and out! Here are some winter themed meditation ideas to keep you balanced all season long….

Try a Winter Themed Meditation Indoors. If you are not into bundling up and heading outdoors, that is okay. There are plenty of wonderful winter-themed meditations that you can try. These are a great way to connect to the beauty of nature without physically dealing with the cold weather and slush in your boots. Picturing a white winter wonderland from the comfort of your home can help you feel at ease, calm, and grateful for everything you have in your life. Give it a try! A few suggestions include:

Follow These Outdoor Meditation Tips. Still eager to suck it up and head outside this season? Not a problem. Just make sure you are prepared. Dress warmly for sure, pack crystals in your jacket pocket, limit your meditation time to ten minutes (set a timer on your phone to make sure you don’t stay outside longer than you should. The last thing you want to do is catch a cold), consider taking a relaxation retreat, or incorporate moments of meditation in outdoor activities.

It is also important to slow down and be aware of your surroundings. How does the world sound different during the winter months? Is it quieter? Louder? How does the wind feel against your cheek? What do you smell? Are any emotions coming to the surface? Take this time to really observe nature and get inspired.

Do you have any winter meditation tips? Share them in the comment section below!

- Shannon

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

5 Spiritual Activities to Practice This Winter Season

Oh wintertime. The one season to get a bad rep. It's too cold, the snow goes from white to brown, the wind is too much. Okay that last one I agree with. In Canada the wind can get pretty nasty. That being said, I really do love winter. Almost as much as I love fall. Oh fall <3

So just because the weather outside is not ideal, we can still practice any spiritual activities we choose. Winter time is all about hibernation. Staying indoors and recharging for spring time. Sometimes we notice that we sleep longer, or eat heartier meals. This is normal, and actually has been going on long before our life time. But we don't have to lose focus on practices we have created through out the year.

So here are some suggestions for your winter season:

Meditate both indoors and outdoors. Don't let the weather scare you off. Meditation will help with the holiday stress. Gather your favourite crystals, turn on a guided meditation, close your eyes and let the stress wash away. Think you can't meditate outside? Maybe not, but if a little snow doesn't phase you then try going for a walk. My favourite activity is to walk at night with one of my favourite meditations on my ipod. I get to walk, see lights and soak up the energy of the night. It is one of the best feelings.

Tis the season for giving. Rather than just receiving, focus more on giving this season. Donate your time or money to those less fortunate. If you don't think that this is a spiritual practice, just remember that the good energy you just put out into the world makes a difference. You made a difference in someone's life.

Practice yoga. You may not be able to go out and exercise, but don't let that stop you from getting up and moving. Even doing a bit of yoga every day can center you and keep you calm.

Read spiritual, or personal development books. Now is the perfect time to catch up on some reading. Take the opportunity to learn different techniques, practices or just in general how to grow as a person.

Reflect on the year and look toward the new year. It is no secret that we love to make goals for the new year, but don't forget to look back on the year, see what successes you had and be grateful for both those and the failures. Never look at the failures as a bad thing.

So what are you going to do this winter season for yourself and spirituality? I am going to be doing more meditations for sure!


Monday, 18 December 2017

Winter Week

Brr! Have you noticed? The temperatures are dropping and there is snow on the ground. The official first day of winter is coming up this it only made sense that we focus on all things related to this time of year. Here is what you can expect to see on Cosmic Positivity in the next few days.

Upcoming Posts This Week:
Tuesday: 5 Spiritual Activities to Practice this Winter Season
Wednesday: Winter Themed Meditations
Thursday: 7 Crystals to Get You Through the Winter Season
Friday: Snowflakes, Memories, and Moving On

- Shannon and Amanda

Friday, 15 December 2017

Finding Balance as an Empath

I’ll be honest. It can be draining sometimes. There are many wonderful things about being an empath, like understanding emotions and being a support to others. (I personally find that it helps me with my writing, as well.) However, it can also be emotionally draining to constantly pick up on emotions from the people around you. In the same boat? To help you maintain a healthy balance, here are a few simple strategies.

Learn How to Shield Yourself. One of the simplest ways to avoid picking up energy from people around you – whether it is good or bad – is by creating a mental shield. Anytime there is someone or something you want to protect yourself from, take a moment. Visualize a white light all around you. Then visualize a fine net around that white light. This will filter out the bad and let in the good. It may sound silly or ineffective but mentally shielding yourself can be extremely powerful. It also reminds you to focus on yourself rather than what is going on around you.

Use Crystals for Empaths. Certain crystals are effective when dealing with strong emotions. Some of the most commonly used for this personality type include: rose quartz, black tourmaline, amethyst, lepidolite, and malachite. Carry one with you for strength and balance – or place them around your home. Let their power heal you, help you, and guide you throughout the day.

Watch Healing Videos or Meditate. Thank goodness for YouTube! There are so many wonderful resources on there for empathic people. For instance, videos about how to heal, protect, and even meditations specifically geared towards the issues that empaths face. A few suggestions include: Empath Meditation of Healing and How Being an Empath Makes You a Healer.  

See? All you need are a few defence mechanisms to make the most of your empathic abilities. Give these a try the next time you feel overwhelmed.

How do you bring balance to your life?

- Shannon

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Are You An Empath?

I am an empath. This wasn’t something I was aware of until Amanda brought it up to me one day. In fact, I had never even heard the word before. But once she sent me a link to a website about empaths, I knew that I was. Every single definition and emotion and habit described fit me to a tee. Honestly? It felt like an enormous weight had been lifted from my shoulders. It wasn’t that I was simply overly emotional ….I was an empath…and there were other people out there like me.

It was a liberating feeling to finally feel like my emotions weren’t a bad thing. That they could actually be used to help people. Are you an empath? To find out, read through some of these common characteristics.

  • Empaths are highly sensitive and feel things very deeply.
  • They absorb other people’s emotions and can take on someone else’s feelings.
  • Many empathic people are introverted.
  • They are highly intuitive and need time alone to re-charge.
  • Empaths often deal with energetic vampires (people who take advantage of their empathy).
  • Nature is a great way to re-charge and find balance.
  • Empaths often give too much of themselves.
If you found yourself nodding your head to any of those traits, chances are, you are an empath, too.

Does this sound like you? Which characteristics describe your personality?

- Shannon

Monday, 11 December 2017

Empath Week

There are many personality types out there. Some people are outgoing, others are shy, and some are empathic. Not sure if you fall under the latter category? Want to learn more about empaths? You are in luck. This week is dedicated to this type of personality.

Upcoming Posts This Week:
Wednesday: Are You An Empath?
Friday: Finding Balance as an Empath

- Shannon

Friday, 8 December 2017

Learning From Louise

As you know from my last post, Louise Hay is a huge source of inspiration for me. I really connect to her teachings and outlook on life. If you are interested in learning more about her work or want to incorporate more of it into your collection. I have compiled a list of resources for you! Some are links to books to purchase, others are videos and speeches, and some are audio programs that you can listen to for free online.

  • You Can Heal Your Life. This was the book that started it all. It is all about changing the way you think, learning to love yourself, taking ownership of your thoughts, and releasing the past. If you are at all interested in Louise and her teachings, this is the best place to begin.
  • Mirror Work. Another great resource to consider is her book on mirror work. This is where you look at yourself in the mirror and recite positive affirmations – and take note of any negative thoughts that come about. It is a fantastic way to heal, grow, and learn to love who you are.
  • Heal Your Body. Have constant headaches? Back pain? Stomach aches? There may be a reason those health issues are manifesting. Louise released a guidebook to help you discover patterns in your physical illnesses and ailments – and how they relate to past hurts you are holding onto.
  • 101 Power Thoughts. This is the download that started it all for me! This is full of amazing positive affirmations that relate to everything from money, to your home, your career, friends, relationships, and self-confidence. Click the link to listen to it for free on YouTube!
This is really the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Louise Hay’s large body of work. Try these to start and if you are interested, check out for more.

Are you a fan of Louise Hay? Which of her books have inspired you?

- Shannon

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Finding Strength In Louise Hay

Louise Hay came into my life for a reason. I discovered her work by chance – or perhaps fate – when an email from Hay House popped into my account. It must have been due to my interest in Doreen Virtue that my name was added to their mailing list, as I have no recollection of ever signing up. Yet there it was…an email with a download link to “101 Power Thoughts” by Louise Hay. I downloaded it and promised to listen to it another time.

The next day, I was browsing the lifestyle section at a bookstore downtown. I was by myself (which is rare) so I was taking my time and enjoying the process of leisurely strolling down the aisles. Then it caught my eye: “The Essential Louise Hay.” Recognizing the name, I paused and looked at the back cover. It included three of her most popular books. What the heck, I thought. Surely there must be some reason Louise Hay has entered my life two days in a row.

I bought it and spent the next several hours digging into “You Can Heal Your Life.” And the next few weeks were spent reading "Heal Your Body" and "The Power Is Within You." They changed my life. Her books opened my eyes to the true power of my thoughts. And the affirmations Louise repeats most often (“all is well in my world and I am safe”) has helped me manage my anxiety.

Since that day, I have read, referenced, and referred to her books often. I have begun to practise mirror work. I have listened to her audio programs on my walks home from work. She has become a significant part of my life and spiritual journey. She has become my teacher. I was extremely saddened to learn of her passing a few months back – but continue to find comfort in her books, voice, and message.

Louise Hay revolutionized the new thought movement – and made it possible for people from around the globe to think positively and change their lives. I am so grateful that she came into my life when she did. One thing I know? All is well.

- Shannon

Monday, 4 December 2017

Louise Hay Week

Some people inspire more than others. When it comes to Louise Hay, she is definitely an inspiration. Yes, she is responsible for helping millions of people around the world. Her innovative way of thinking truly changed lives for the better. This week is dedicated to the amazing woman who helped and healed for decades.

Upcoming Posts This Week:
Wednesday: Finding Strength In Louise Hay
Friday: Learning From Louise

- Shannon

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Why Our Focus Is On Helping Beginners

When Amanda and I started this blog, we had two objectives: to create a safe space for beginners and to work creatively together. We both had a passion for crystals and wanted to channel that passion in a way that would help other people. Since our own journeys were still fairly early on in their infancy when we first discussed running a blog together…. it only made sense that we focus our material on those just starting out.

When we finally took the plunge and started Cosmic Positivity, we could still vividly remember how it felt to get started. That memory along with a strong desire to help people (and to make the world a more positive place) really shaped what this blog became. I can honestly say that I am proud of what we accomplished together. Not only did it help us learn and grow but we have been able to help other people, too. At least on a small scale!

That small scale is okay with me…because positivity has a ripple effect. One small simple act (whether it is a compliment to a stranger or a blog post about crystals) charged with positive energy can have a widespread impact. And that is why we created this space. And that is why our focus is on beginners. Our goal is to spread positive energy and make it easier to begin your own journey.

- Shannon

Friday, 1 December 2017

Resources to Help You Get Started

It isn’t easy getting started. There is so much out there and it can seem impossible to know what to pick up first. Say, for instance, you are walking into a crystal shop for the very first time. Do you start reaching out for random things? Wander aimlessly? Neither option is overly appealing. Not to worry! Here on Cosmic Positivity, we have rounded up some great resources to help you on your way.

Books. There are many helpful books that can give you information and allow you to start learning. Some are more advanced while others are ideal for beginners. A few suggestions for the latter include: Crystal Therapy: How to Heal and Empower Your Life With Crystal Energy by Doreen Virtue and The Complete Idiots Guide to Chakras by Betsey Rippentrop.

Websites. Just like books, there are plenty of websites jam-packed with useful information. In fact, these days, it is easier than ever to find out what you want to know! So make the most of your web browser. A few standout sites include:
Tools. Once you have done a bit of reading (or watching relevant videos on YouTube) it is time to start building up your tools. That can cover a large variety of items, including oracle cards, crystals, jewellery, and more. The most important thing to do is choose what you are drawn to! Still not sure where to start? Check out this article on 5 crystals to add to your beginner kit for a little guidance.

These are a few suggestions to help you dip your toes into the water, so to speak. If you are not a beginner or have your own suggestions to share, be sure to leave a comment down below!

- Shannon

Thursday, 30 November 2017

How to Set Up your Own Personal Sacred Space

When I started on this journey, I wanted to soak up as much information as humanly possible. I still do. I bought countless books, read tons of online articles and then Pinterest pointed me in the direction of these beautiful pictures of people's sacred spaces and altars. OMG I wanted one! So my research into that topic began and it led me down the rabbit hole. It was glorious.

So what is a sacred space? A sacred space can be whatever your little heart desires. It is meant for you to surround yourself with positive energy and for you to walk out feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to come back to the "real" world. A sacred space is where you can go to meditate, pray, be creative or just be.

So what can you include in your sacred space? Many things and the great thing about it, is that it can be whatever you want! But in case you're really struggling here are some great ideas:

Books: Different books about different metaphysical or new age topics are good to have on hand. That way it is close by when you need them. Want some different book ideas? Make sure to check out tomorrow's blog post! You can use any of the references!

Crystals: These are usually a staple in every sacred space. Do your research and find out which ones will benefit you! Looking for some basic crystals? Check out this post here!

Music: Meditation music, classical music or even just nature sounds will help to keep you in a a peaceful state of mind.

Incense:Smells can really heighten the senses. Different smells can have different meanings. Incense or candles can really add to the mood. Check out my top 5 incense smells here!

Figures: Lots of people have different figures in their sacred space. Some have deities, some have buddhas, elephants or angels. It is all about what your comfortable with.

Sacred spaces are meant to bring a higher energy to your life. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. No one needs to bring their negative energy into your space. Make this the way you want it to be!

What does your sacred space look like? Let us know in the comment section below!


Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Definitions of Commonly Used Terms

Nerve wracking. Overwhelming. Anxiety inducing. These are some of the best ways to describe being a beginner. Everything is new and you feel like you will never understand it all. If you are new to crystal therapy, chakras, reiki, and all things related to new age spirituality…. you are not alone. It was only a couple of years ago that I began my own journey. Since then, I have learned a ton and have become both more knowledgeable and comfortable. While understanding there is still so much for me to learn!

If you are just getting started, then this post is for you. These terms will likely pop up in books and articles you read, here on Cosmic Positivity and elsewhere. To make things easier, here are some basic definitions to help you get started without feeling overwhelmed.

Chakra. This Sanskrit word translates to wheel or disk. This term often refers to wheels of energy that are found throughout the body. There are seven main chakras including: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown.

New Age. There are many different areas of interest that fall under the definition of new age. Essentially, it is a “broad movement characterized by alternative approaches to traditional Western culture – with an interest in spirituality, mysticism, holism, and environmentalism.”

Crystal Healing. To use crystals as a way of healing the body or mind through alternative medicine.

Reiki. This is a type of healing technique where the healer or reiki master channels energy into a patient by means of touch. They are able to “activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.”

Angel Therapy. Essentially, this has to do with calling on angels to assist in healing and overall well-being. Angel therapy practitioners on the other hand, have been certified to work with angels and archangels to provide healing and harmony to others.

Spirit Animal. Some people and cultures believe that each person has their own spirit animal. This animal acts as a guide and can also be a protector.

Now that you know a few of the basic definitions, you can continue to expand your knowledge. Feel free to refer to this guide whenever you need a refresher!

Are there any terms you don’t understand? Any you would like defined? Sound off in the comment section!

- Shannon

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Your Basic Crystals to Get You Started

Everyone has to start somewhere. You might as well start now. But how do you start when your mind is on overload? Well you might as well start at the beginning.

What started for me, was crystals. Crystals is what got me started, and I have them to thank for this awesome journey. I just wish I knew what led me to the crystals.

When you walk into a crystal shop, it is very easy to get lose in the maze of all the pretty things. Been there, done that. There are so many crystals out there, how in the world are you suppose to know which ones to choose? Here are your 5 basic crystals you should have in your stash!

  1. Amethyst- This crystal is suppose to help protect you. It also helps you to meditate, by calming your thoughts and balancing your emotions. You can put this crystal around your home, because it help to clear any negative energy in your home.
  2. Citrine- This beautiful stone is used for abundance. It helps to attract wealth, power and success. This stone is also suppose to help inspire your creativity and your imagination.
  3. Carnelian- A crystal like this, is best used for creativity.  This stone is used for motivation and endurance. Keep this on your desk, or in your studio, to help boost any creative's block.
  4. Rose Quartz- This will be your go to crystal for love. Not just love for or from others, but love for yourself as well. Keep this one close whenever you need to boost your self esteem. You deserve the power of a rose quartz crystal.
  5. Clear Quartz- Manifestation and amplification is the two main reasons why you want to keep this stone in your home. This stone will also help with all your chakras.   

No matter what crystal you choose, always do your research and if nothing else works, use your intuition. Nothing wrong with going with your gut!

What crystals do you enjoy working with? Let us know in the comment section below!


Monday, 27 November 2017

Beginner Week

Just starting out? Not sure where to begin? Then you have come to the right place. This week on Cosmic Positivity, we are going back to basics. It is time to break down all things new age so they are easier to understand. Whether you are not sure what areas you want to study or simply want a refresher, you will want to check in here throughout the week.

Upcoming Posts This Week:
Tuesday: Your Basic Crystals to Get You Started

Wednesday: Definitions of Commonly Used Terms
Thursday:How to Set Up Your Own Personal Sacred Space
Friday: Resources to Help You Get Started
Sunday Bonus Post: Why Our Focus Is On Helping Beginners

- Shannon and Amanda

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Amanda's Personal Story: It Can Get Better

The beautiful thing about Cosmic Positivity is that we have a no judging, and no secrets policy. We prefer to be as open and as honest with you as we are with each other. When I suggested the theme for this week, I knew what I wanted my personal story to be. Now that I sit in front of my computer I am having a tough time trying to put into words my experience. It's one thing letting strangers know something deep dark and personal. It's another letting friends and family know. You know you have to look in their eyes after writing so painful. I am not sure what I will see.

Funny enough, being the Gemini that I am, I had two sides to me growing up. I think most people with depression do. They don't want you to see what's really going on, so they put on a front. You see them smiling and laughing, while inside they are crying. That was sort of my life.

At school and with friends I was as happy as could be. I truly was. I  was on student council, as well as many other committees. I ran the school dances and I did well in school.  Three times a week I was in dance class  and most weekends through the summer I was at dance competitions. Outside looking in, you would've said I was a well adjusted kid. Maybe I was. All I know is that I was happy.

After many years of therapy, and counsellors, I finally found one that worked well with me. Unfortunately I didn't meet her until after one of my teachers noticed I carved words into my arm. Maybe well adjusted was giving me too much credit. The counsellor listened to my story and helped me in ways, that no one else could. According to her I had what was called "situational depression".
It made sense.

During the day I would be happy, smart and dedicated to my life. As soon as I touched my driveway it was like everything went away and I was sad. Worse than sad. I was depressed. I battled it out hard with my family, ran away from home several times, and was angry and emotional all the damn time. It was hard.

Both parents and I have wicked tempers. I knew what buttons to push and how to make them angry in the blink of an eye. If I was going to be pissed off, so were they. Sometimes though I couldn't let my anger out, so I internalized it.

I didn't go for drugs, and didn't drink more than the typical teen did. Instead I carved words into my arm. I am lucky in a sense. I didn't want to kill myself. Death terrifies me. Others are not always that lucky. Death seems like the only way out for people. For me I wanted to live. I just didn't want to live there.  So I just cut myself instead.

After meeting with the counsellor, and only doing it a couple of times, I stopped. Cold turkey. It was hard, partially because I could see the scars that finally faded over time. Partially because I felt like I disappointed everyone.

Over the years I barely thought about it. It was part of my teenage years.  It was behind me. I was better. Every now and again though something would bring me back and I would want to cut. I didn't, but I wanted to. When big life events that seem to be too big for me to handle I wanted to. I would look at things like  knives, pins, or even tacks. I would just sit and stare at them, but I wouldn't touch them.

I am one of the lucky ones. I can still remember feeling how it felt to do it. I can remember how it felt after ward and how it released a lot of my anger. I am still able to say no every time. I know that others  still struggle with it every day. Some don't make it.

Now my life is not perfect, but it is pretty great though. I have a great relationship with my parents, boyfriend and friends. I work in a job I like. I come home to my own house, and rather than feeling sad or depressed the moment I touch the front door, I feel happy and safe walking through my front door.

Things can get better. It is definitely tough, there is no denying that. But I have to believe that things will get better for people. Maybe it's too idealistic, but it is truly my hope for people.

What do you think? Do you think things can get better for people? How did you get past the dark days? If you're willing, then we would love to hear from you! Let us know in the comment section below or email us at


Friday, 24 November 2017

Dealing With Darkness: My Story

Know how some people naturally radiate positive energy? That has never been me. Over the course of my life, I have dealt with horrible shyness, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. There have been periods where these issues lessened and times when they flared up and became harder to manage. But no matter what? They were always with me. 

Though my day-to-day life is positive and full of gratitude these days…. there was a time when it wasn't that way. My life was surrounded by darkness. Since this week’s theme is all about turning darkness into light, I wanted to share my own story with you all. It is one I have shared with very few people, so needless to say, it is a little nerve-wracking. Here goes. 

It was my second year of university. Outside, the leaves were turning yellow and orange. The air was cool and crisp. Everything was utterly picturesque. Until the morning I woke up and felt totally different. It was as if I had gone to sleep as myself and woken up as another person altogether. I felt depressed and hated everything there was to hate about myself. I walked around with this weight on my shoulders…. this overwhelming sadness.

There was no rhyme or reason for this change. A whirlwind of negative emotions just sort of plopped into my life – and didn’t leave for the next six months. It was an extremely difficult time for me. I felt isolated and depressed all the time. Music was the only thing that made me feel understood. It was as if I couldn’t breathe properly without that blissful escape of sound. I don’t know if I was searching for my identity during that time but I remember worrying that the darkness would never go away.

Finally, it did. One morning, I woke up and felt like my old self again. The weight had been lifted from my shoulders. There was no explanation for this....but then again, there was no explanation for the depression either. For the next year or so, I lived in fear that the darkness would return. That I would once again be plunged into despair. Thankfully, that never happened.

It has been many years since that time in my life. But in a weird way, I am grateful for that period of darkness. It made me appreciate the light. 

- Shannon

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Crystals and Communication to Help You Get Through the Dark Times

So I went back and forth as to what I wanted to discuss for this post. Do I talk about crystals to help with dark moments or communication tips when discussing depression? Both are extremely important topics, and both deserve to be discussed. Since I am a girl who can't make up her mind, I decided to go with both. So grab your favourite beverage and settle in!

Now before we get into which crystals to use let me just say that when it comes to mental health, we are not suggesting you to use crystals instead of doctors. No, these are just nice to have on hand so that you can focus your energy into something, rather than the intense moment you're having. Always talk to a professional when dealing with mental health issues. <3

Crystals for Anxiety
There are many crystals that are meant for anxiety. If you go into Google and type it in, you will get a whole list of them. Here are just three to start you off!

Apophyllite- This crystal will help to provide a calming effect, and it will help to reduce stress. Use it to help break negative thoughts.

Iron Pyrite- A crystal like this really helps to relieve your anxiety and frustration. It can also be used when you are in a deep depression.

Rose Quartz- This crystal should always be in your collection. That's because it really helps to calm, as well as to help open your heart chakra.

Crystals for Depression
Moss Agate- This stone helps when you need to balance your emotions, or you need to reduce your stress. When your depression is caused by life circumstances, try keeping some of these stones near by.

Amber- Even though this is technically not a crystal I thought I would include it anyways. It is used when you need your life to be a bit more stable. It can also help you get to a positive state of mind.

Citrine- This stone is great for both anxiety and depression. It helps to create an inner calm. It is said that if you wear it it will help you to overcome difficulty in expressing your thoughts and feelings.

Crystals for Communication
Lapis  Lazuli- This crystal is used mainly to help express any feelings and thoughts you might be having.

Smoky Quartz- A crystal that can be used for anxiety, depression or communication. Smoky Quartz helps to think positive thoughts, releases fear, and allows you to get past difficulties communicating.

As a person who has suffered through some dark times herself, I know it is sometimes hard to communicate what I am feeling or what is going on inside. I also see that it is a struggle for my loved ones to know what to say to me. I usually walk away from the conversation thinking "they just don't get it". Somewhere in the conversation, something gets messed up and sometimes both sides can get frustrated. Have you ever felt that way?

So here are some tips on how to open the lines of communication:

  • Listen first, talk second. This is extremely important. If someone is telling you what they are going through, sometimes they just need you to listen instead of giving advice or making suggestions. 
  •  Don't brush it off. This is a big no no. What you might think of as something minor, may escalate quickly for them.
  • Ask Questions.  Ask them open ended questions, to help get the conversation rolling. 
  • Reassure them. One reoccurring theme that comes up is that people think they're alone in it. Remind them that you will always be there for them.
  • Be patient. This is important for both sides of the conversation to remember. Always remember that the other person is trying and getting frustrated won't help the situation.
  • Getting help doesn't make you weak. Both sides of the conversation has to remember that getting help doesn't make you weak. By removing the stigma of mental health, we can get more help for people. Ultimately the goal is to get people feeling better and we should be doing everything possible to make that happen.
What are some of your tips for communicating? I would love to hear them! Let me know in the comment section below!


Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Tips and Tricks For Bad Days

We all have those days. You know, when everything seems to go wrong and everyone around you is getting on your last nerve. It may be the result of a bad mood, difficult personal circumstances, or just an unlucky string of events. Whatever the case may be, it is possible to transform a difficult day into something more manageable and full of light. Need a little help making it happen? Here are some super effective tips and tricks to combat bad days.

Identify the Real Issue. The best place to start is to try and uncover the actual reason behind your bad day. Has something been weighing on your mind? Are you afraid or anxious about any upcoming changes? Has your attitude been a little off lately? Once you can put a little logic behind the way you feel, it will be easier to determine which aspects of your bad day are caused by outside factors and which are caused by your own emotions, fears, and doubts. Do a little soul searching. Connecting with yourself will not only help you figure out the root of the problem but also make you feel more grounded.

Grounding and Cleansing Crystals. Speaking of grounding! This is a great opportunity to use some of your trusted grounding stones (like hematite or smoky quartz) or cleansing crystals (like moonstone and selenite) to clear away any negativity and re-connect to who you really are. If you are able, create a grid focused on positivity and joyous experiences. This will help you attract those things into your life and re-focus your energy on the good rather than the not-so-good aspects of your day. Otherwise, you can meditate with helpful crystals or carry them in your pocket for an added boost.

Tap Into Your Creative Side. Some people get into a negative headspace and immediately hide away from joy. Are you one of those people? Acknowledge whether or not you do this…and make sure you don’t in the future. Resist the urge to continue your bad day (or days) by doing something creative. Paint, draw, write a story, journal, or brainstorm some fun ideas for the weekend Absolutely anything on the creative side is a good idea. It can help you express how you feel in a healthy and constructive way – and help you break yourself out of that bad day mentality.

Bad days happen to good people. So do what you can to put them into perspective and shake that negative energy loose!

How do you deal with bad days?

- Shannon

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

How To Create a Self Care Box

Self care has become all the rage over the last couple of years. There is a good reason why. Work, family obligations, kids, significant others, friends, community obligations, are all things that take up our time. Then we are left  with little time for ourselves. So quick little 5-30 mins activities are needed for us to wind down. Maybe it's a bubble bath, or meditation, or just reading a book before bed.

While it's okay for most people to not practice self care everyday because they can't find the time, for someone who is dealing with depression or anxiety it is almost imperative to practice self care. Welcome to the Self Care box. 

A Self Care box is a box that is filled with our favourite things. The things that comfort us the most in our times of need. Some pieces can be our "security blanket" while others are things that help us to focus on something else other than our pain. You want to focus on all your 5 senses when choosing your items, not just a couple of them. I have one of my own which I keep in the office at my home. It's accessible, but not in plain sight, so I don't need to think about it all the time. I use it when it is necessary.

Here is my self care box. I have included things like:
  • My favourite movie- The Little Mermaid (duh)
  • Music- The Nutcracker (classical to soothe me) and The Muppets (to amp me up)
  • Colouring book and pencil crayons
  • Bubbles
  • Little dolls 
  • Some crystals to make me feel good
  • Pictures of friends and family 
  • a suduko book- I love Suduko!
  • Mementos- I have my favourite raving hat in here
  • Beads so I can make jewellery without having too think too much

Here are some other ideas to put in your box:
  •  A little puzzle
  • Stuffed animal
  • Nail polish or other beauty products
  • Chocolate or candy
  • Blanket
  • Scented Candle
  • Favourite book or poetry
  • Notepad and pen so you can right down what your feeling
  • Essential Oils
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones- Sometimes it is important to cancel out the extra noise.
  • Tea

Anything can go into your Self Care box. This is yours and yours alone. You don't have to show anyone because this is what makes you feel better. So let yourself get as creative as you want. You deserve it.

Do you have a Self Care Box? Have you heard about them? What do you think of them? Let us know in the comment section below!


Monday, 20 November 2017

Turning Darkness Into Light Week

As much as this blog is about would be impossible to deny that there is darkness in life every now and then. Certain periods of time are difficult to get through. Sometimes, things feel hopeless and depressing. But there is always hope and there is always light to be found. All of the posts this week are based on that very topic. Here is what you can expect!

Upcoming Posts This Week:
Tuesday: How To Create A Self Care Box

Wednesday: Tips and Tricks For Bad Days
Thursday: Crystals and Communication to Help Get You Through the Dark Times
Friday: Dealing With Darkness: My Story
Sunday: Amanda's Personal Story: It Can Get Better
- Shannon and Amanda

Friday, 17 November 2017

Personality Traits of Scorpio

This is a long-awaited astrology week for me. Why? Because Scorpio is actually my own Zodiac sign. Though I know a fair bit about my own sign, there is always more to learn – and plenty to share. So today on Cosmic Positivity, we are taking a closer look at all things Scorpio. Here are a few of the most common traits!

Positive Characteristics. There are many positive qualities that make up the Scorpio personality. For instance, they are extremely focused and are rarely deterred from their mission once they set their sights on something. They are also passionate and caring. People under this sign also tend to be quite intuitive. Not only do they tend to make the right decisions at the right time but they also have a tendency to read the emotions of the people around them. 

Negative Characteristics. Just like there are an awful lot of good traits related to this sign there are also some…. not-so-ideal traits to consider as well. They can be jealous and possessive, distrustful, secretive, and resentful. If you hurt a Scorpio, watch out! They will likely hold onto that anger and hurt for a very long time. A little advice? If you fall under this sign, do your best to balance out those strong emotions with healing meditations and crystals.

Facts About Scorpio:
-         Colours commonly associated with this sign are red, rust, and scarlet.
-         Lucky numbers include: 8, 11, 18, and 22.
-         This sign is most compatible with Taurus and Cancer.
-         Dislikes are dishonesty and revealing secrets.
-        Their likes are the truth, being right, and long-term friendships.

This passionate but stubborn water sign is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Are you a Scorpio? Do you know someone who is?

- Shannon

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Love A Scorpio!

It really is not a surprise that Scorpios are the most passionate and sexual of the zodiac sign. They are known as the ruler of the genitals.  It may not always be easy to love them, since their emotions run very deep, but when they are in a relationship they 100% committed as long as they are satisfied in the bedroom.

If you are looking to seduce a Scorpio male, make sure to turn the sex appeal up and be as seductive as you can. Put on those high heels, garters and provocative clothing! As much as you want to turn up the sex appeal, make sure you are not easy. Make him work for it! Be strong and not always accessible. It will make him want you even more.

Looking to seduce a Scorpio female?  First realize she has a seductive nature and she will grow tired of a man she finds weak and not worthy of her. A man that is worthy of her must be strong, determined and a freak in the bedroom. Make sure to court her and show her that you are worthy.

So who is compatible with Scorpios? Let's find out!

Scorpio and Aries
These two will have an unbreakable bond in the bedroom. That may be the only place they have this bond. They are both willing to try out new things and even attempt some taboos. Outside the bedroom these two will have a tough time communicating. Aries prefers things to be straight forward, while Scorpios can be manipulative at times.

Scorpio and Taurus
There is a lot of baggage for these two, but that can help them in this relationship. They can connect on a deep level. When they click it is almost impossible for them to be separated. They are completely different, but if they are confident enough they will be able to to communicate and things will be exciting for these two.

Scorpio and Gemini
This is a pairing that doesn't normally work out well.  Geminis are known for being flighty and Scorpios are usually too mysterious. In order for this union to work, both sides need to know how to communicate.

Scorpio and Cancer
While this couple has the power to go the distance, these two need to learn how to trust each other. Both of these signs are extremely emotional, but once trust is made these two will be able to achieve anything.

Scorpio and Leo
This union won't go far. Both are equally stubborn and unwilling to bend for the other. This coupling can  be disastrous though, because neither one will want to leave the relationship. So they will just continue to hurt each other. This relationship is intense and challenging, making it a lot more work to sustain the relationship.

Scorpio and Virgo
These two struggle with trust issues, but in the same breathe they can easily talk about it. Unfortunately they are complete opposites in the bedroom though and this can form some issues. Where Scorpio is a bit more freeing when it comes to experimenting, Virgos are much more reserved.

Scorpio and Libra
This couple will be a very intense couple. They are both passionate and animalistic in the bedroom. There will be some major trust issues between the two. Scorpios find it very difficult to trust Libras, since they have a tendency to show off to the rest of the world. When it comes to their emotions, Libras prefer an active, fiery partner, where Scorpios prefer a more sensual partner.

Scorpio and Scorpio
You really can not go wrong with this power couple. Scorpios are known for their passion and dominance. In this pairing though, the Scorpio woman will be the one who is more willing to be submissive than the male.  They will be willing to talk about their emotions and will be tender towards each other.

Scorpio and Sagittarius
These two work great in the beginning of the relationship, but soon Scorpios begin to think that their partner is unreliable and they don't deserve to be trusted. On the flip side Sagittarius will soon think that their Scorpio partner is too controlling and pushy.  Sagittarius prefers to be free, and Scorpios think they need to lock that relationship down. Not a good combination.

Scorpio and Capricorn
These two signs really compliment each other in the bedroom. They really like to focus on intimacy and sensuality. Scorpios also find it quite easy to trust the Capricorns. This is because Capricorns find it necessary to keep this relationship as direct and honest as possible.  These two understand each other;s need for silence and will patiently wait for the other to open up.

Scorpio and Aquarius
Sometimes this relationship can be quite intense, but that may not be a good thing. They have a hard time finding a balance between passion, emotions and rational thinking. Aquarius would prefer to be free of any emotional ties, and that doesn't sit well with Scorpio.

Scorpio and Pisces
When it comes to these two, they prefer to focus on emotions and are determined to make it an important part of their relationships. They both want to trust each other, but if one of them cheats the relationship will be over immediately. Communication will be difficult, and there will be a lot of room for misunderstandings.

Does any of these sound similar to your relationship? Let us know in the comment section below!


Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Best Crystals for Scorpio

There are many ways to incorporate crystals into your daily life. The stones you choose may vary based on your intuition, personal preferences, or specific needs. They may also relate to your astrological sign. Certain crystals are best suited to specific Zodiac signs – to bring harmony and balance to each unique characteristic. Some of the most commonly associated with Scorpio include…

Aquamarine. The first crystal on this list is a traditionally associated with this sign. It is known to be calming and is very helpful when dealing with communication issues (or blockages in the throat chakra). Its blue, green, or aqua color is closely related to water, which is idea as Scorpio is a water sign. This crystal is also good for relaxation and provides users with a sense of calm. Since people born under this sign tend to be extremely passionate and can get worked up easily, a little bit of calm can go a long way!

Hematite. Another option for this sign is hematite. This is another stone that can bring a sense of calm and peace to the stubborn Scorpio. It is also especially useful at creating a joyful mood and getting rid of any depressing or gloomy emotions that might be lingering around. Hematite can also be useful for this Zodiac sign as it reduces judgements in others and boots feelings of kindness.

Rose Quartz. What is it about this crystal? It seems to be useful for just about everything you could possibly imagine! It is a definite must-have for Scorpios, however, because it opens the heart to all kinds of love. It also works well for keeping a positive attitude (which can be difficult at times for this sign) and enhances self-confidence. The colour of rose quartz is also very soothing, which again, is ideal for this sign. Carry it with you to let go of anger or resentment – and bring a little love into your life.

If you are a Scorpio then try making use of some of the crystals on this list. Get inspired, feel their energy, and embrace the power of your astrological sign this season.

Do you use any of these crystals?

- Shannon

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Scorpios and Their Element

Oh you beautiful Scorpios!  You're such an awesome zodiac sign! Did you know that your element is water? It actually says a lot about you. Scorpios are very emotional and very private. Even though you have a lot of emotions, your emotions tend to run very deep and you don't let people know about them unless you want them to. I guess there is some true behind the saying "Still waters run deep". You are a very private person who reveals very little about themselves to others. Anyone who gets to know you is very surprised at everything they are priviledged to see.

You will realize that your element is balanced when you are feeling calm and peaceful. Nothing is bothering, and your emotions are not extreme at the moment. Take advantage of this time and meditate! Your mind will be at peace and should not wonder.

If you are not balanced, you probably feel very apprehensive and detached from people and maybe even a little self indulgent. Take some time out for yourself, before you attempt to communicate with anyone else. Trust me it will help! You will be more likely to get into an argument that way.

Scorpios you are also a Fixed sign. That means you are very stubborn and can even go into an emotional rut from time to time. Instead of being resistant to change, try opening yourself up for new experiences. You may want things to stay the same forever, but by sticking to a strict routine means you can miss out on some great life experiences.

Happy Birthday Scorpios!


Monday, 13 November 2017

Scorpio Week

It's that time again! Another astrology week has arrived here on Cosmic Positivity. This time it is all about the Zodiac sign of Scorpio. This one is extra exciting for me, since I actually am a Scorpio! Find out which crystals and personality traits are best suited to this sign....

Upcoming Posts This Week:
Tuesday:  Scorpios and their Element
Wednesday: Best Crystals for Scorpio
Thursday: Love a Scorpio!
Friday: Personality Traits of Scorpio

- Shannon

Friday, 10 November 2017

How to Share a Spiritual Journey

Family is the most important part of my life. I am extremely fortunate to be close with my immediate family – though much of my extended family has been cut out for one reason or another. It just goes to show! When it comes to family, everyone has baggage.

For instance, while I am very close with my immediate family, they do not know about my spiritual beliefs. They have expressed in the past a disbelief in crystals, oracle cards, and anything that falls under the category of new age. But that doesn’t mean I can’t share my journey with them. It just changes the way I go about it! If you are looking to include your family members in your own spiritual path, here are a few foolproof suggestions.

Give Them a Piece of Crystal Jewellery. There are always special occasions to celebrate with family. From holidays to promotions, graduations, and marriages…. a significant event is a wonderful reason to give a family member a meaningful gift. A few examples include: a piece of jewellery with a meaningful stone (like amethyst or quartz) or something with their birthstone. Personal, meaningful, and stylish. Your loved ones will be thrilled with your thoughtful token of affection. 

Go For a Nature Walk. While you may want to do a reiki session with or on a family member, it isn’t always realistic. It depends entirely on what each family member believes and is open to. Not a problem! A good alternative is to go for a nature walk together. You can carry some grounding stones with you connect with the earth while you enjoy spending some relaxing time with someone you love.

Share Positivity Whenever Possible. While your family may not understand or agree with your spiritual beliefs, they can certainly get on board with positive thinking. Speak to each other about all of the wonderful things in your life (rather than complain about work and all into the trap of negativity), recite affirmations, and generally, lift each other up. Simply being a beacon of light and love can strengthen your bond in unexpected ways. Give it a try the next time you spend time with family!

There are many ways to get spiritual with your family – without making them feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed. Give these suggestions a try and see what happens.

Will you try any of these? Share your own suggestions!

- Shannon

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Memories First, Possessions Second

As much as I hate to admit it at times, I can be very sentimental. This is especially true when it comes to certain pieces that have been handed down through family members. I don't collect much from family, because I can't stand the clutter, but over the years I have received some pieces that are extremely valuable to me. Pieces I know that if they became lost of broken I would be devastated. That is no exaggeration. Seriously I brought the mirror my grandmother gave me in my car when we moved because I kept having visions of someone breaking it. It was the last thing she ever gave me for Christmas before she passed and I can't imagine life without it.

There are other pieces that I have received  that also mean a lot to me. The emerald ring Nan had, and the sewing table (I am talking old school with the cast iron spindle at the bottom) from the cottage that I used to sit on as a child and play with. These items I associate with particular memories. My grandmother had many expensive pieces of jewellery, but that ring stands out to me more than anything else. That sewing table bit my fingers more times than I care to admit, but it was also relaxing and peaceful to sit under and play with the wheel while the adults talked.

One of my greatest surprise gifts I ever received and I am so glad I got it after she passed, is my box of crystals that my grandmother had tucked away. I never even knew she had it. I am glad that even though she is gone, we still have things we can be connected by. It makes me think that she is right there with me.

You may find this disturbing, but bare with me for a sec and listen to my entire explanation before you pass judgement. Ever since Nan passed, I sometimes sit in either my mom's home or my grandparents apartment and wonder what I will have to remember them by. Nan had always felt comfortable talking to me about death and what she wanted after she died (there have been some really quirky ideas such as her ashes being made into a diamond), so it doesn't bother me to think about it every once in awhile. I certainly don't want anyone to go any time soon, but unfortunately the reality is that it will happen at some point. Because of that, I am so desperate to have something of theirs as my "security blanket". It's never the expensive things, but more the sentimental items that always carry the most memories for me.

 A lot of people put an emphasis on what they think they "deserve" to get after someone passes. If one of those people are reading this right now, I strongly urge you not to. You will never be truly happy with the items you receive then. Instead think (with love in your heart) about the memories you have of that person. Instead of going for the most expensive things, go for the small pieces that hold the most love for you. Memories are more valuable than an impersonal piece any day of the week.

What is your favourite gift from a loved one? Let us know in the comment section below!


Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Crystals to Suit Different Family Situations

It isn’t always easy navigating family situations. When it comes to blood, emotions often run high, people get heated, and things are left unsaid. At least every now and then! Thankfully, crystals can be used to ease tensions, strengthen relationships, and help you deal with a wide array of family-related issues. Today, we are breaking it down, problem by problem. Find the one that relates to your own life and choose crystals accordingly.

Poor Relationships. This is one that most people deal with at one time or another. Me personally? There are some people in my extended family that have caused me pain over the years and I really struggle to let go of that. If you are in the same boat, then reach for something like rose quartz (enhances and strengthens relationships) or moonstone (for empathy). Both can help heal a struggling family relationship.

Arguments. It happens. Sometimes, as much as you may want to avoid conflict, an argument breaks out. There are a few ways to deal with the fall out, including healing breathing techniques, meditation, and the use of crystals. Think of stones like blue howlite (aids in reasoning and patience) and black tourmaline (for protection from negativity and the negative energy of others). They can give you some peace of mind – and break away some of that anger and resentment.

Inability to Let Go of Past Hurts. This is one family-related issue that is fairly common. Maybe someone said or did something in the past that you are still holding onto. It could be affecting the way you see yourself or even the way you are living your life. Sound familiar? Reach for something like smoky quartz (allows you to let go of old patterns and beliefs that are holding you back) or aquamarine (soothing stone that releases old wounds, angers, and fears). With a little help…. you can start to let go.

Using crystals thoughtfully (and working through any lingering issues) can improve many family relationships. These stones are a great way to help you move forward in a positive and healthy manner.

Which ones will you use?

- Shannon

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

You have heard the saying. You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family. How does that make you feel? Does it fill you with love? Maybe dread? Maybe a bit of both? Be honest with yourself. What's your answer? Mine? If you really want me to be honest. A little bit of both.

That's not to say I don't love each and every one of my family members. Both sides of the family, immediate family or not, everyone has a special place in my heart. While I might be closer to some family members than others, I wouldn't trade my relationships for anything.

For years I held onto unreasonable expectations of how the perfect family should be. We should all get together for the holidays (because we want to), we should call each other up every now and again, and it should be easy to see each other on a regular basis. Delusional? Maybe. But that's how I thought families should work. Turns out the reality is so much different.

Sometimes life really does get in the way. You don't nurture relationships and bonds like you should. Sometimes there is that "black sheep" of the family that no one wants to invite, because then the event turns into a nightmare.

As we grow up, build our own families, and move away, it is much easier to believe that distance (both figuratively and literally) is acceptable. Phone calls become emails. Emails become text messages. Weekend trips to visit family, become limited to holidays. Then suddenly it's births, weddings and funerals that bring people together.

Yet, it seems that when it comes to friendships that are important, we are willing to go the extra mile. We chat on a regular basis, Skype or Facechat, and maybe organize girls weekends away. We should put that same effort into our families as well.

Are you close with your family? Do you wish you were? Let us know in the comment section below!


PS If you haven't already, go call your mother just to say hi!

Monday, 6 November 2017

Family Week

There are many different ways to describe family. Amazing, loving, painful, can vary dramatically from person to person. Whatever way you describe your own family? There is something for you this week. The posts are dedicated to helping and healing issues related to family.

Upcoming Posts This Week:
Tuesday: Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
Wednesday: Crystals to Suit Different Family Situations
Thursday: Memories First, Possessions Second
Friday: How to Share a Spiritual Journey

- Shannon

Friday, 3 November 2017

Affirmations for Honesty

As Louise Hay once wrote, it is only a thought and a thought can be changed. If there is one thing that I believe in, it is the power of our thoughts. Our minds can make the world around us seem wonderful and blissful or terrifying and unsafe. It all depends on whether your thoughts are negative or positive. Affirmations can be used to affirm and manifest good things into your life. 

So, on that note! Here are a few affirmations based around honesty (in honour of Honesty Week here on Cosmic Positivity). They will increase your self-confidence and open you up to truthful communication.

  • I feel safe to communicate my emotions.
  • I value honesty in myself and in others.
  • I use my voice to clearly express my wants and needs.
  • My opinions and feelings are always valid.
  • I deserve to be heard.
  • I use my words to make the world a better place.
  • I appreciate myself and know that I am a worthwhile person.
  • I trust my thoughts, feelings, and emotions to guide me through life.
  • I make informed choices and communicate all desires clearly.
  • I love myself. I trust myself. I am honest with myself and others.

Which affirmations will you use? Share your own in the comment section below!

- Shannon

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

How to Communicate More Honestly

No one is one hundred percent honest all the time. We all have our own individual perspectives, and often times, those views clash with someone else’s’ take on the same situation. Neither one is right or wrong. It is all about perspective. That being said, honesty is something I struggle with from time to time. There are many thoughts and emotions swirling around my head – but it doesn’t always feel safe to share them. If you can relate, then join me on this path of self-discovery, openness, and communication.

Tips to Communicate More Honestly

Are you ready to get started? There are many different ways to overcome common communication blocks. These are a few new age related ideas for you to consider.

Clear Your Throat Chakra. One of the most obvious signs of a blocked or out of whack throat chakra is an inability to communicate clearly. Physical symptoms may also occur, such as a sore throat or hoarseness. In these cases, it is extremely beneficial to spend time clearing and balancing your throat chakra. It can lead to easier communication and an ability to be open and honest. There are several ways to go about this. A few examples include: singing, visualizing the colour blue, doing a guided meditation for the chakras, or journaling some of your feelings.

Use Crystals for Communication and Openness. Another great way to focus your attention on honesty is to make use of crystal therapy. Blue stones work well to channel and bring balance to your throat chakra. However, there are many other useful crystals to use as well. Some great examples include: amethyst, citrine, turquoise, aquamarine, and blue calcite. Meditate with them, place them around your home, or take them with you when you need to have a difficult conversation.

Do Healing Exercises to Release Emotions. Depending on the situation, you might be experiencing feelings of anger, resentment, or guilt. Whenever you feel strong (and sometimes negative) emotions, it is important to find healthy ways to release them. One suggestion is to do healing exercises and meditations at home. For example, the Louise Hay Forgiveness Meditation (which you can listen to here) uses visualization and positive affirmations to help you address issues, acknowledge your feelings, and release them with love. This can be very helpful and can help you communicate how you feel.

Open your throat chakra, use crystals, and find healthy ways to release built-up emotions. Before you know it…you will be more open and able to communicate with honesty.

- Shannon