Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Amanda's Story- Learning To Love Myself Again

Not going to lie, 2013  and 2014 were the worst years for me. A new boss had transferred to my restaurant and he either loved you or hated you. Take a guess which category I fit into. In the span of 4-5 months 10 friends and family members died. I was also dealing with health issues which resulted in lots of medication and even 1 surgery. So I stand by my statement. '13 and '14 sucked.

Never shying away from a challenge I decided to tackle each problem head on. I worked harder at my job, focused on loved ones that needed me and continued medication that I didn't necessarily believed in. You know what I got out of all that? Nothing.  Nothing except the realization that I lost myself. That realization hit hard.

I don't remember what set me on my own path to self discovery, but I do remember looking up alternative options to medication. That's when I found crystals.

I was very curious, but very cautious about it. I still am. How could I not be, when society is so focused on science and facts. I didn't tell anyone, except for Shannon and my mom. Both were equally intrigued and eager to join me on my quest to bettering myself.

We visited our first crystal shop together and made the first purchases that would change our lives for the better. We had officially gone down the rabbit hole. No stopping us now.

Over the last couple of years I have had the opportunity to learn how to meditate, take some classes and study crystals and other areas that interest me. Best of all? I learned to love myself again. I quit my job and got a better one, I focused on my grief and got rid of some of the meds.  My life is not perfect, but it's certainly better than what it used to be. It's all about what you put out in the universe!

- Amanda

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