Wednesday, 22 March 2017

How to Find Your Spirit Animal

Spirit animals, your personal guide to help and protect you throughout life. They can come and go and you are not limited to just one. Depending on where you are in your life journey you will need to a different animal. So how do you find your spirit animal? You can try one of these three ways if you like!

1- Meditate- You can use soft meditation music or a guided meditation if you like. Close your eyes and clear your mind. Picture being out in nature. It can be anywhere- the beach, a meadow, a forest etc. As long as it is peaceful for you. Look around and "just be" in your calm vision. If an animal appears then that could be your  spirit animal. It may take a couple of times for you to find it and connect with it, but I have faith!

2- Dreams- You will be surprised of what your dreams will show you. Dreams are where your subconscious comes alive. When you wake up in the morning try writing in a dream journal so you can remember them. Your spirit animal could be lurking in there.

3-Walk around nature or at the zoo- Is there an animal that keeps popping up in your presence? Maybe it is trying to tell you something. Do some research on that animal. Does it align with your life at the moment? It could be your spirit animal ready to connect with you.

Spirit animals can play a big part of your life if you can learn to look for the signs. How did you find your spirit animal?


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