Sunday, 19 March 2017

My beliefs, my faith, my way

What is the difference between spirituality and religious beliefs? Is there even a difference anymore? 100 years ago (heck even 50 years ago) things were very "black and white" especially when it came to religious beliefs. There were strict rules and guidelines that were to be followed everyday.

Nowadays, the lines are a little bit blurred. People are more focused on spirituality and growth than ever before. More and more people are sending their intentions into the universe rather than 1 God. They are putting their energies into powerful crystals rather than praying. Quite frankly either path is great. There is no wrong path or answer.

Even with the lines being blurred, sometimes people are still being faced with judgment. In ways that are completely opposite from years ago. New age techniques and metaphysics are  becoming increasingly popular while organized religion is taking a back seat. I am glad that more and more people are being more comfortable with their spirituality. What about the people who want a bit of both?

I am one of those people and I know there is a lot more people like me out there. I was raised a Catholic, but lived in a household where religion was not a primary focus. Whatever I wanted too learn I taught myself and it was  great. I learned about my own religion and I took an interest in other religions. Eventually I fell in love with new age techniques as well.

So should I give up everything I know? Absolutely not! The great thing about life is that you can learn  so many great and beautiful things. So I found some ways to combine both:

1- Use candles- Candles are important no matter what you believe and are universal in all religions. They are a great tool to set your intentions and to say your prayers. Use them every day however you choose.

2- Build an Altar- Altars are built for meditation, prayers and to give thanks. They are a sacred space for you and should be built the way you want them. Altars are greatly used throughout time. The purpose of them is always the same, even if they are set up differently.

3- Use statues, angels and crystals- No matter what you believe, you can choose to put any statue of gods, angels or higher beings on your altar. That is the great thing about altars. They are your special place and should have what is special to you on them.

No matter what your beliefs are, no one should ever tell you what to believe. Your beliefs may change over time, but that is your decision. What are your thoughts and feelings on the subject? Comment in the box below!


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