Thursday, 2 March 2017

Shannon's Story - How My Path To Self Awareness Began

Sleep eluded me. I was in the midst of yet another bought with insomnia, and my patience was wearing thin. Sick and tired of the glowing red numbers on my alarm clock…I reached for my iPod. Soft, mellow music lulled me into a half-sleep. That sparked an idea. Perhaps there was some sort of sound that could relax me. I wound up on YouTube, where I discovered rain noises, guided meditations, and eventually, ASMR. The latter sparked my path to self-awareness.

ASMR became a major part of my life. It helped me sleep, eased my anxiety, and opened my mind to new things. What kind of new things? Many ASMR creators were posting videos related to crystal therapy, Reiki healing, gridding, and Chakras. It was mind blowing. Suddenly, a whole new world had opened up to me.

I felt an immediate connection but had no clue where to begin. Less than a week later, my best friend and I were browsing through our local bookstore. To my surprise, she mentioned her desire to look for a book on Chakras. It was a moment of divine timing. We poured over the shelves and went home with a new sense of purpose.

Since then, we have been reading books, adding to our crystal collections, taking classes, and learning as much as possible. It has been an incredible journey – but it is only just beginning. What an exciting thought. 

- Shannon 

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  1. I had to look up ASMR, as of never hearing the acronym before. After doing a cursory Google check it reminded me of something I read some where along the line. Each us resonates to a tune or vibration of sound in the Universe. I think that is why so many chant OM.