Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Shannon's Top Five Favourite Crystals

Some people have crystal collections that completely take over their homes. I do not. At the moment, everything I have fits in one small box. Though I do not have thousands of beautiful crystals at my fingertips…. I have an abundance of beautiful and meaningful stones. Each and every one has a special place in my heart.

Despite my modest (but well loved) collection, some crystals are used more than others. On that note, here are my top five favourites!

Red Jasper. The first on my list is red jasper. This was one of the first crystals in my collection. The one I have is a beautiful deep red, shaped like a heart, and sits on my nightstand. Every now and then, I hold it in my hand, breathe deeply, and feel its energy come through me. This is a stone of empowerment, healing, and protection. It eliminates negativity – and helps you achieve balance, reduce worry, and calm anxiety.

Green Calcite. Many of the crystals in my collection look aesthetically pleasing. They are smooth, shiny, or have an intricate pattern. Then there is my green calcite. It is rough, jagged, and has brown patches in the centre. From the outside, it is not a beautiful stone, but I love it more than I can express. It has a way of making me feel comfortable and at ease. This crystal is an amplifier – and green calcite is thought to bring about prosperity and abundance.

Green Aventurine. Yes, another green stone. Sensing a pattern here? Over the last six months or so, I have been very drawn to blues and greens. Especially as I focus my attention on abundance and gratitude. Green aventurine is without a doubt my most used stone. I carry one in my pocket at work and have one in my wallet at all times. This healing stone provides comfort and gets rid of negative emotions. It is also an attractor of luck and opportunity!

Amethyst. Another crystal that I use often is amethyst. I have many different shapes and sizes of amethyst in my collection. The reason for this? This makes it possible to keep one with me, use it in grid work, and place it somewhere significant. All at the same time. The stone is beautiful, calming, and fills me with a sense of peace and tranquility. This healing crystal represents love, protection, and balance.

Orange Selenite. The last on my list is orange selenite. I have a round stone that sits on top of a small metal stand. Whenever I am writing an article or am struggling to tap into my creative side, I keep this next to me. Protective, calming, and soothing, this is one stone you want to have around. It also has been found to boost self-esteem and improve creativity.

We all have our favourite crystals. My list may change every now and then (I believe that certain stones come into our lives when we need them), but these are currently my most used.

What are your favourite crystals? Share your top five in the comment section!

- Shannon

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