Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Vivid Dreaming

I have always had a very vivid imagination ever since I was a kid. I could make up stories and play with my imaginary friends. My imagination never seemed to stop. Not even when I was sleeping.

My dreams never usually make sense, but they are so strong that I can touch, smell, see and hear things as if they happen in real life. In fact I have often had arguments with my boyfriend, believing conversations happened, but in reality I dreamt it. It's sometimes hard to believe what is real and what isn't.

What are vivid dreams? Vivid dreams are definitely one to remember. They can be extreme symbolic thoughts brought forth from our subconscious. Sometimes they have prophetic deeper meanings than regular dreams. Most people do not remember their dreams, even though we  dream every night.

I seem to have one reoccurring dreams. It happens every few months or so. It seems to be just before something happens within the family. I close my eyes and as I drift off to sleep I am taken to my safe place. I am at my cottage. It is exactly how it's suppose to be. I can feel the breeze and hear it whistling through the trees. I can put my hand out and touch the railing of the deck. I see the white patio furniture in the exact spots they've always been. Everything is perfect.

I walk inside and some of my family members are there. That part always changes. The only person who is always there is Nana. We sit and we talk. The conversations I can never remember, but I am glad she is there. She is communicating with me from the other side. It's peaceful and I am happy. The part where I wake up every time is when I walk back out onto the deck and there are snakes all over. I am scared and I wake, but not in terror as if I had woken from a nightmare. Snakes in a dream can mean one of two things- you are dealing with a stressful or emotional situation or that healing and transformation are occurring.

From the moment I wake up I am sad and lonely. My safe place is gone again and I am not sure when it will return. Sometimes being in a dream is better than reality. Do you have vivid dreams? Do you write them down?


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