Thursday, 23 March 2017

Why Your Spirit Animals Can Change Over Time

Nothing stays the same forever. This is true in life and when it comes to spirit animals. For a long time, I thought there was one spirit animal for everyone, and that was it. Was I ever wrong! After discovering that my spirit animal was a swan…. I was puzzled when a deer came to me during a spirit animal meditation. What did it mean? Was the swan no longer part of my life? This led me to do some digging.

According to, people can have one or more spirit animals throughout their lives. Some may come to you during specific phases, during major shifts or changes, or even for a special occasion. It does not matter how many spirit animals you have. What really matters is the connection you feel to each one. Spirit animals can help us navigate stressful moments, strengthen our inner bond, and allow us to achieve a happy and balanced existence. While you may start out with one spirit animal…it is unlikely to end there. Many more will come and go, as you need them.

These animals may represent certain characteristics you posses or highlight traits you feel are lacking. These protectors act as guides in our lives – helping us dig a little deeper and understand our true selves. There are many ways to discover your spirit animals. Try doing a guided meditation, take a quiz, or do some reading and see which ones speak to you. The most important thing to do is trust your gut. If an animal stands out (even if it did not in the past), pay attention.

Not sure what your spirit animal is? Do some research and see which animals peak your interest. Here is a bit of information on two of the most significant spirit animals in my life: the swan and the deer.

Spirit Animal: Swan
  • The swan often represents messages from angels, energy healing, and spiritual devotion. (Which is interesting, considering my budding interest in angel therapy!) It also relates to beauty, grace, poise, and elegance.
  • If a swan appears, it is a sign to slow down and be in the present moment. The swan holds messages of love and healing – and urges you to let go of emotions that no longer serve you.
  • When you are strongly drawn to the swan, it means you are a healer. You want to bring blessings of hope to other people in one way or another.
Spirit Animal: Deer
  • The deer typically represents innocence, adaptability, new doors opening, the presence of angels, and a promise of peace.
  • If a deer appears for you, it means that angels are nearby. These animals relate to softness and light – and in these moments of softness and light, angels are able to appear.
  • When you are drawn to the deer it often has to do with a new beginning in your life. That could mean a new job, the start of a new project, meeting someone significant, and so on. This new adventure energy is positive, loving, and can help you adapt to change.
Spirit animals are an incredible way to understand yourself, love yourself, and learn more about your true path.

What are your spirit animals? How many do you have?

- Shannon

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  1. Thanks for the link to the website. In the past I've felt myself drawn towards butterflies which according to that site are representing transformation, in recent years I feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin and my immediate response to the question about what are your spirit animals, 'owl' popped into my head from nowhere.

    I did the quiz on the site and it gave me owl as my spirit animal. One of the things that can symbolise is a transition or change as well as wisdom, which kind of fits where I am right now.