Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Crystals for Friendship

Friendship is important. No one wants to be alone. No one to talk to, laugh with or share secrets with. That would be depressing. Since this week we are focusing on friendship I want to take a moment and look at crystals that are associated with friendship.

Lapis Lazuli is known as the "Stone of truth and companionship". It brings harmony and deep communication t relationships. This beautiful stone helps to bond relationships by helping to express feelings. Lapis Lazuli is used in a lot of jewellry and are usually given in gifts at the beginning of new friendships, but can also be given during existing friendships to strengthen the relationship. This stone brings the wearer emotional strength and a clear mind in  order to achieve greater wisdom.

Topaz is nicknamed the "gem of friendship". It is a great stone to give in a friendship ring. If you gift this to a friend it is said that it helps the receiver become more charismatic and gracious. Topaz also has the ability to  protect against evil, poison and tragedy.

Carnelian is used in both new and faltering friendships. Orange crystals  help with friendship since orange is the colour of joy and friendship.  Carnelian helps protect the wearer from evil thoughts  and boost self confidence.

Carbuncle is a stone to help reconcile friendships. It can be found in rings, pendants or earrings. Since Carbuncle is suppose to fight against evil and vengeful thoughts so it is perfect to help friends who are fighting or had a falling out, in order for them to make amends.

Turquoise is a stone to help renew friendships. You should gift this gem when you want the person to feel love and courage.  It also helps to remove any animosity between two people.

Whether you're starting a new frienship,  apologizing, or just appreciating the friendship you already have, take a moment and give them one of these stones to make them feel loved!


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