Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Finding Inspiration with the Right People

I have always prided myself on being a creative person. I can sometimes come up with the ost absurd and random ideas, which if executed properly, turn out to be the best projects. Sometimes though, no matter how much I try, the inspiration doesn't flow like it should. That's when I find the 3 people cloest to me and I bounce ideas off them- my bf, my mom and my partner in crime (Shannon). All 3 are my best supporters and great sounding boards in their own way.

While my mom and bf offer their expertise in areas such as arts and crafts, they mostly just sit back and let the wheels in my head spin until I come up with the right project. This allows me to come up with ideas on my own, without sounding crazy by talking to myself.

There is a reason why Shannon and I work well together. Even more impportant than the fact that we're best friends, we have 1 particular rule that we abide by: No Judging. That rule has helped us to remember to support rather than hinder. That is why I know I can go to her when I need to think up some wild and creative ideas. We have a process that works for us when it comes to inspiration. We bounce ideas back and forth and they get more outrageous by the minute. Then out of the crazy web of ideas we just created comes one idea that is the Perfect Idea. That is how we've come up with theme days, special projects and Cosmic Positivity!

So how do you find inspiration within your people? Here are some ideas  to get you started:
  • Have a wide range of friends. You can't think outside the box if you all think the same!
  • Look at everyone's strengths and weaknesses, Utilize them. You're not using your friends, just helping each other to gecome better people.
  • Implicate the No Judging Rule. Honestly it strengthens friendships and relationships. Don't laugh and tease each other for ideas that you have. Build up each other's self esteem in order to achieve greatness.
  • Get rid of the vampires. Yes vampires. The ones that suck the energy out of you. They will do nothing but bring you down and make you miserable. Sometimes without you realizing it.
  • Talk to each other. Don't text or message. Talk. Talk about what is going on your lives, what's going on with the world and anything else that crosses your mind. Someone might say something that could give your inspirtation for your next big project!

Look at the people you hang out with. Are they building you up? Can you bounce ideas off them?
Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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