Sunday, 30 April 2017

My Connection to Red Goldstone

I don’t have much to remember my grandmother by. My sister was given most of her prized possessions, like the gold bangles she wore each day. Me? I was left with a pair of wood earrings (that she had never worn), a photograph (that was later stolen by my cousin), and a stone.

I found the stone on the day of her funeral. There were people everywhere and yet I had never felt so alone. While everyone else was eating finger sandwiches and making small talk…I started to wander. Though I can’t recall exactly where the stone was…I remember how it felt to hold it in my hand. For a brief moment, I felt connected to my grandmother again. An intense feeling of love and protection took over. So, I kept the stone.

After my unexpected discovery, I went back to the living room with the others. I didn’t tell anyone about the stone (for fear that someone else would lay claim) and kept it safely tucked in my pocket. Whenever I had a moment alone, I held it in my hand, and felt that wave of love and protection surround me.

That stone is still in my collection. In fact, I suppose you could say that it started my collection. That small piece of goldstone gave me strength long before I knew what stones and crystals were used for. It has been with me for years and years…. and every now and then, I hold it in my hand, and feel my grandmother’s love once more. 

Characteristics of Red Goldstone

  • The gold flecks (or sparkles) in red goldstone symbolize the idea that light can be found even in darkness.
  • It can be a helpful stone if you are feeling emotionally or physically lost. Additionally, it deflects unwanted energies, and acts as a protective stone.
  • Works well for long distance healing because it enhances transmission of healing energies.
  • Helps with courage, confidence, focus, ambition, and insight. It also helps you achieve and maintain a positive attitude.

There are many stones that matter to me. Some, I reach for on a regular basis and others only when they are needed. Out of all the stones in my collection…this is by far the most important.

Do you have meaningful stones in your collection?

- Shannon

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