Friday, 26 May 2017

Catch Those Moments Of Joy

Everyone (myself included) has those days where it is ridiculously easy to focus on the negative. "Work sucks", "My coworkers are awful", "Ugghh I can't deal with all this stress". Does this sound familiar? Yeah I have been there too.

I am so glad we focused this week on joy and positivity. The world is sometimes a cruel and unfair place, but it is not entirely made up of negative people or horrible actions. We all know that we can only control our actions. Unfortunately we can not make everyone do what we want. So today let's talk about finding things to be joyful about.

Find some time to hang out by yourself. It doesn't have to be in a meditative state unless you want it to be. Sit in your car, or take yourself out for dinner. Just do something that will give you a few moments to sit and think without being distracted by things going on in your life.

Think about what happened to you this month, week or even today. Go ahead and think about the negative stuff. You know you're going to anyways.  Think about what went wrong at work. Think about the person you argued with. Think about all the negative crap that happened. Don't worry I am getting to the positive stuff in a moment.

Have you thought about all the negative? Ok good. Now stop. You have now put enough energy into the bad. Put that energy and effort into thinking about the good stuff. I don't want to hear " Nothing good happened". Something good happened and you may not be receptive to it yet, because it is easier to think about the negative. I get it, but you can't go through life thinking about only the stuff that got you down.

If you are having trouble thinking about what was a joyful moment in your life then try thinking about one of these topics:

  • Your hobbies. Think of something that interests you. Did you get to spend time working on it? Did you have fun? Does it make you smile? If the answer is yes to these questions than this is a hobby for you to continue focusing on. It is a bright light in your world. 
  • The people around you. Sit there and focus on the different people in your life. Did someone say something or do something to make you laugh? Maybe a heartfelt text came through. Personal interaction is important. Don't always focus on the people who upset you. Work on thinking about the person who made you smile.
  • The future. Sometimes the future is scary. Sometimes it's fantastic. Whatever  it is, it is yours for the taking. You need to decide what to look forward to. Is it a new job? New family member? New relationship? Trip? Whatever it is I hope it puts a smile on your face.

Don't think that I have never been in a depressed state or had some rough days. They are the worst, but if you don't try to get yourself out of them then you will miss all the joyful moments in life. Is that what you want?


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