Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Crystals To Get You Through The Tough Times

Do you crave joy and happiness in the darkest of situations? Do you want to banish sadness? Do you think a crystal will help? Ok if you asked me that last question a couple of years ago I probably would've said no. I am not saying I believe that crystals fix all of life's problems, but the right crystal can help any mood.

Since this week is all about joy and positivity we thought it would be a great idea to talk about what crystals you should have to help bring you any sort of positive feelings. Let's get to it!

  • Citrine- This gorgeous stone is going to give you an abundance of positivity and happiness. How could it not? Yellow is a positive and uplifting colour so it seems right that it should be the colour of an abundance stone.
  • Rose Quartz- The stone is all about love. Not only love in relationships, but love for yourself. In a bad mood or having some doubts about yourself? Take out your rose quartz and focus on it. This will help to put you in a better mood. Go ahead and try!
  • Quartz- Is there a lot of negativity around you or a place lately? By using a quartz crystal you are taking that energy and getting rid of it. No one needs negativity in their lives. 
  • Amethyst- This crystal will protect you from negativity, anxiety and sadness. This stone will help to balance your emotions and is great to have around in a time of grief.
  • Tiger's Eye- Dealing with some self esteem issues lately? This is the stone for you! In order to bring out your confidence this is the stone to make you project an inner strength you never even knew about it. Trust me this is the stone to get you through the self doubting moments you may be going through.
There are so many other stones to help bring your mood up. It's all about finding them and using them to your advantage. They will work with you. Give them a try the  next time you are going through a tough time.


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  1. I was a very insecure child and I loved Tiger's eye. Didn't know anything about it's powers, but I was very happy to get one from my gram. Since then I've had a tiger's eye with me until I became a mom.