Sunday, 28 May 2017

How I Became a More Positive Person

The world is not a perfect place. Despite the wonderful, amazing people on this planet…there is also an awful lot of hatred. There is selfishness, misplaced anger, and uninformed opinions. There is pain, misery, and loneliness. How, in the midst of all of this upheaval, can we find peace? Hope? Positivity? It seems impossible sometimes.

I have not always been a positive person. There was a time in my life when my mind instantly went to the negative. (Whether it was about myself or a specific situation.) Over time, that has changed. I’ve worked hard to learn more about who I am and to appreciate the big and small victories. I feel immensely grateful for the life I have and the people in it.

A few months back…my focus on the positive took a serious stumble. Why? I have always tried to be informed, conscious, and aware of what is happening in the world of politics. Then it happened. A man who symbolizes everything I am against (hatred, separation, and fear) obtained a position of power. It was a terrifying time. The days following that fateful election were extremely difficult for me. I was depressed, scared, and alone. Suddenly, positivity felt impossible.

I was crumbling under the weight of social upheaval. Then something happened. My attitude shifted. I made a conscious decision to find something good within the bad. I looked for ways to give back, places to donate, organizations to support, and people to connect with. I decided to turn this nightmare into a fight for a better world.

Becoming a more positive person is a process. One that I actively work on. I have been working on my thoughts (focusing on positivity, reciting affirmations, mantras, and so on), living in abundance (by practising gratitude and appreciation), and sharing my passions with the world (through my writing and creative pursuits). They all contribute to a happier and healthier me.

It isn’t always easy to be positive. Especially when headlines and news reports are devastating. But there are a few things that I know for certain: Love conquers fear. Positivity trumps hate.

- Shannon

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