Tuesday, 16 May 2017

How to Start Gridding: A Guide For Beginners

There are many aspects of crystal therapy that are complex and even a little intimidating. Especially the first time you dip your toes into the preverbal waters. When I first decided to create my own crystal grid (I was inspired by Amanda as well as my favourite ASMR creator, Gentle Whispering ASMR) it was terrifying. What were the rules? Would I do it wrong? I was so worried about making a mistake that it almost stopped me from creating a crystal grid of my own. Thankfully, I pushed through. 

Feeling nervous about it all? Not sure where to begin? Here are some super simple tips to take the worry out of crystal gridding.  

What Is a Crystal Grid? Before you learn anything else, it is important to understand what this gridding thing is all about. Basically, crystals (especially when used together) amplify energy. Your grid's positive energy can help manifest the intentions you set.

The One and Only Rule To Remember. When it comes to gridding, some people have a ton of different rules, regulations, and expectations. I have only one: do not focus on negativity. Your intentions should never be to hurt another person...or for someone else to fail so you can succeed. Make this a positive space!

What You Need:
  • Something to place your crystals on, like a blanket, a piece of wood, or a cloth.
  • Crystals (any shape and size will do but you want one larger or more unique stone for the centre of your grid).
  • A piece of paper to write down your intentions.
Step-by-Step Guide:
  • Start by writing down your intentions on a piece of paper. They may be related to money, your career, relationships, health, and so on. Write them down and focus your energy on those intentions. Imagine how it would be if those dreams and intentions became real. Feel it. Dream it. Believe it.
  • Create your grid by laying down the cloth (or whatever you choose as your base) over top of your written intentions. Then place your larger, more unique stone in the centre. Place your smaller stones around the larger stone. This can be done in any shape and in any order. Trust your gut. If a specific stone calls to you…use it!
  • Activate your grid by meditating and thinking about your intentions.
  • Take your grid down (or create a new one) whenever you feel your current grid has served its purpose.
See? Crystal gridding doesn’t have to be super complex or intimidating. In the end, the most important thing is that you put a positive intention out into the world.

Do you use crystal grids? Share your tips for beginners in the comment section!

- Shannon 

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