Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Taurus and Their Element Earth

Taurus is one of 3 signs that belong to the earth element. Taurus is also known as a fixed sign (more on that in a minute), and symbolizes immediate interaction with  everything that is of a physical nature. Taurus, because it is an earth element, uses its 5 senses to interact with the rest of the  world and they focus on basic needs such as survival and security. They may be known as a sociable sign, but they can survive on their own and need some time to recharge their batteries every once in awhile.

Just like everything else in life, the earth element needs to be balanced, in order to succeed.  If Taurus has a balanced element, then they will be patent, and realistic with good value system. They will finish projects to the very end. Since Taurus can be slow starting sometimes, they can operate at a slower pace, but don't be mistaken, they will be very thorough with their process. Much more thorough than the other elements.  This is because they like  to stay productive and work hard in order to get real, tangible results. Way to go Taurus.

When the element is not in balance, this really affects Taurus tremendously, and their stubbornness really comes to the surface. They also have a tendency to be stuck in a rut, petty and unstable. Not great qualities to have. When this element is unbalanced, the personality of a Taurus is sometimes very toxic unfortunately. They're scattered, and unfocused and their emotions run high and are sometimes irrational. It may be hard to be around a person when their like this, but try not to focus on their flaws, and focus more on their great attributes.

So what does it mean when I say that Taurus has a fixed quality? Well let's focus on the word "fixed". The signs that are fixed, are not comfortable with change. They would like things to stay the same forever. They prefer a strict routine, rather than just doing things on a whim. Sound familar Taurus? Don't look at it as a bad thing. Just because you like order and routine does not mean it is a bad thing. I would certainly want you to be on my team when it comes to projects. At least I know that things would get done, and would get done well.

Well that is Taurus and their element. Do you agree with this? Did we leave anything out? Make sure to come back tomorrow to learn about Taurus and their crystals.


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