Tuesday, 20 June 2017

3 Reasons to Start a Quotes Journal

It is amazing how effective a good quote can be. Reading an interesting, thought-provoking, or motivational quote is the simplest way to change your state of mind. Having a bad day? Feeling sluggish and tired? Stressed? There is a quote for every feeling, situation, and occasion. Somewhere along the line, I fell in love with quotes. All kinds of quotes! Which is how I started collecting them. There are notebooks of quotes in my office and folders of quotes on my computer. Each one is ready and waiting…. just in case I need a mental pick-me-up. 

One way to incorporate quotes into your life is to start a quotes journal. All you need to do is write down your favourites. Then refer to the journal as needed. You can always add to it, organize it, and make it your own. The key is to get inspired. Here are a few other reasons to start a quotes journal of your own….

It Can Help You Achieve a Goal. Sometimes the hardest part of accomplishing something is staying motivated. It is easy to become discouraged and negative. That might have to do with getting a promotion at work or running a 5K. Whatever your goal may be, the road is often long and winding, with missteps and disappointments scattered along the way. A quotes journal can help you stay focused on your goal. Think of it like a mini motivational speech…right at your fingertips!

Quotes Can Boost Your Mood. There are some days that are just awful. You know the ones I’m talking about. When everything seems to go wrong and your mood is down in the dumps. Thankfully, a quotes journal comes in handy on days like this! Open up your book and get inspired. Before long, your mood will improve, you’ll be happier, and ready to transform your day.

It Re-Enforces The Power of Thoughts. Your mind is exceptionally powerful but we often forget that. Our patterns of negative thinking can drag us down or cause us to react uncharacteristically. Which is why it is so important to have a quotes journal within reach. Reading through quotes about life, inspiration, and personal development acts as a reminder. It pushes us to remember that our thoughts are powerful. Since our thoughts are so important, do your best to make them positive.

Something as simple as a quotes journal can make a noticeable difference in the way you see the world. Some days? All you need is a little inspiration (and perspective) to brighten up your day.

Will you start a quotes journal?

- Shannon 

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