Thursday, 15 June 2017

Compatibility and Gemini

Not every sign is compatible. Certain personality traits and characteristics mean that some Zodiac signs are thick as thieves while others are likely to clash. Whether or not you are compatible with another sign can impact your romantic relationships, friendships, and work life. That makes it especially important to be aware – and find ways to work around any potential roadblocks. Are you a Gemini? Is someone in your life a Gemini? Then pay attention to this compatibility rundown.

Gemini and Aries. When it comes to relationships, Gemini and Aries have a similar energy, curiosity, and passion. However, all of that passion can lead to aggression if both parties are not careful. One of the biggest issues with this pairing is a lack of trust. Aries is jealous and both signs want to be dominant and in control.

Gemini and Taurus. Stubbornness and wilfulness come together when these two signs link. Both signs will want to gain control right off the bat, which can cause tension. However, so long as both the Gemini and Taurus are careful not to behave possessively, they can be a strong match. Be patient, understanding, and stop fighting for dominance.

Gemini and Gemini. There may be a lot going on in this pairing (so many personalities to deal with) but it can lead to a lively and exciting relationship. Gemini’s love to debate with one another, share ideas, and get creative. They make a fantastic team for business. The main thing to remember is to listen!

Gemini and Cancer. While cancer is an emotional sign, Gemini much prefers logic. Though you may have similar interests…the way you approach those interests is dramatically different. The Cancer may feel the need to nurture and care for the restless Gemini, however, this can push the latter away.

Gemini and Leo. This makes for one fantastic friendship! Gemini and Leo are both into culture, are clever, and love to chat about life and the world around them. Want to keep this friendship going strong? Be sure to praise and flatter the Leo. They require constant praise in order to feel loved and respected.

Gemini and Virgo. You are both natural communicators – and have plenty of thoughts, ideas, and opinions to share. Both parties will fall into debates, which is great. Except that you both love to be in control of a situation. Try to avoid seeking dominance and simply enjoy the conversation.

Gemini and Libra. These signs are ultra compatible and this pairing can feel like a match made in heaven. Just be careful when it comes to money (this can be a primary issue between the two signs) and embrace the natural wonder of your relationship.

Gemini and Scorpio. This combination of personality traits can be either really good or really bad. It all depends on how you view it. On one hand, you are both sharp and clever. On the other hand, the mysterious and emotional Scorpio may be too much for you to handle. Do your best to understand one another and everything will work out well!

Gemini and Sagittarius. While these signs may be opposites (Gemini is all about common sense and facts while Sagittarius is about philosophy and consciousness), they have a way of making it work. They bring out the best in one another and will never be bored or restless.

Gemini and Capricorn. There is something to be said for this next pair of Zodiac signs. Though they are quite different, Capricorn is able to ground the scattered Gemini. In a romantic relationship, attraction is often intense – and can cause Gemini to become uncharacteristically jealous.

Gemini and Aquarius. Both of these air signs are compatible, with relationships being light, easy, and fun. They prefer to laugh together, enjoy light conversation, and avoid drama. Just make sure you are both honest with one another to keep things going smoothly day after day.

Gemini and Pisces. These are both dual signs, which can be a good thing. Though there are many hurdles to overcome (like constant mood changes), if both parties can accept the other person for who they truly are, a life full of love and light can be achieved.

- Shannon

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