Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Gemini Personality Traits

I have to say being a Gemini is pretty cool. I love it. I really wanted to be the one to talk about Geminis and their personality traits. It is awesome to learn more about your astrological sign. You read certain traits and you're  like "yep that's me". So let's learn more about Gemini's personality traits!

  • Witty. Oh you betcha we're witty. We love a little witty banter and come up with some great one liners so you better watch out.
  • Indecisive. Some people will look at that as a negative. Some might look at it as a positive. We sometimes are concerned that we're not making the best decision for us. So we will go back and forth on options. Some people call it flitty, I prefer to go with indecisive. 
  • Inquisitive. Oh boy are Geminis curious. We need to know everything about everything. Sometimes too much information can come to bite us in the ass, especially when it comes to things we shouldn't know. 
  • Quirky fashionable. If you're female Gemini take a peak at your wardrobe. You would describe it as quirky? Maybe there is a few pieces in there that are a bit odd or unconventional. That's okay. Embrace the unconventional.
  • Communicative. Yes a Gemini may talk your ear off. We have a lot of information to share and we feel the need to talk to anyone that will listen.
  • Dual personality. There is a reason why this zodiac sign is called the twins. We sometimes have the personalities of two people. One moment we can be bright, happy and charming and in the next moment we can be sullen and want to be left alone.
  • Lack of focus. We may love to start a project, but then sometimes half way through we lose focus and then stop. It is not one of our finer moments that's for sure.
  • Young at heart. Not only do Geminis have a youthful appearance, but they have a childlike spirit to them as well. Like Peter Pan, they never want to grow up.
  • Less than truthful. Okay maybe not less than truthful, but we can definitely bend the truth in our favor.
  • Multitasker- Okay so maybe there is something good that can come out of our lack of focus sometimes. We are big multitaskers, working on several projects at once. This is great for us, since we tend to jump from project to project. At least this way we can go back to the previous project when we are ready to.
Geminis are complex people. There are so many personality traits that make up a Gemini. You may be all of them. You may be some of them. Either way. Embrace it!

What personality traits describe you as a Gemini? Let us know!


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