Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The Best Crystals For Gemini

Here it is…our second astrology week on Cosmic Positivity. Our first was all about Taurus (which you can check out here) but this time, we are highlighting Gemini. This is a special one for me, since both my mom and best friend fall under this Zodiac sign. Needless to say, there are a lot of Gemini’s in my life! So, without further ado, here are the best crystals for Gemini.

Agate. Known as the Gemini Sun Stone, agate attracts strength and provides protection to the wearer. It blocks out bad dreams and helps you deal with stress and outside pressures. Gemini’s should wear agate when they are searching for a sense of calm. There are many different types to consider (blue lace agate, for example, will help boost your ability to communicate), so choose one that speaks to you.

Blue Sapphire. Those born under Gemini can be either very talkative or very quiet and nervous, depending on the situation. That makes blue sapphire an important stone to work with. Why? It can help balance your communication skills. Additionally, this stone gives you peace of mind and a feeling of calmness. This healing stone can also aid in learning and boost your psychic abilities.

Citrine. Most Gemini’s are naturally curious and clever…though they may feel bored and restless if something does not interest them. To balance this out, it is important to use citrine. It is a strong manifestation stone that can help you let go of fear and impatience. This stone can also be used to manifest money, boost your willpower, and create a feeling of abundance.

Other Crystals for Gemini: There are many other crystals that work well with the Gemini Zodiac sign. A few examples include apatite (which relates to service, healing, communicating, and balancing energy), chalcedony (it eases self-doubt and brings a feeling of peace and inner reflection), and amber (this stone can help Gemini’s re-charge whenever their energy is running low).

Are you a Gemini? Which crystals do you use most?

- Shannon

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