Friday, 9 June 2017

The Colour Purple in Our Lives

Look around this world. There is so many different colours out there. Purple may not be as visible as other colours, but it is out there. It can be in your flowers, on a sign, on a book you're reading. Purple is out there. Purple symbolizes love and spiritual perfection, but also symbolizes passion ans suffering.

Colour Healing
The colour purple when doing colour therapy is meant to nourish and purify the blood. It is used for bladder problems, cramps, insomnia, kidney problems, skin problems and tumours.

Since the crown chakra is purple, if you need to work on balancing that chakra it is beneficial to meditate with purple crystals such as Amethyst.

Purple In Your Home
If you have frequent feelings of insecurity, then don't put violet in your home. If you would like to include purple, try lilac and lavender, but as an accent piece. It helps make the room more luxurious to others.

Supportive Colour
Sometimes you need a bit of colour to help you out. If you are feeling guilty or stressed wrap yourself in a purple blanket, because purple reduces those feelings. It helps you to find peace and unconditional love. If you need to protect yourself from others or are feeling nervous than wearing a piece of Amethyst or wearing purple will help you out. Purple is also the colour of creativity.

Purple Magic
Do you want to enhance your psychic abilities? Try including the colour the next time you meditate with either a candle, rug or crystals. 

The colour purple can play an important role in our lives. How do you incorporate it in your life?


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  1. Purple is one of my favourite colours, alongside green. It's interesting that it helps with insomnia, that's something I've suffered with for a long time. Perhaps it's time to invest in some purple bedding. ;-)

    Cait @ Click's Clan