Thursday, 27 July 2017

Crystals to Give Your Home Positive Energy

Energy is everything. When you are surrounded by negative energy…everything you think and feel is negative. And of course, when you are surrounded by positive energy, your mood is more likely to be optimistic and upbeat. That is why it is vital that you set your home up for success. Certain crystals can boost positive energy, rid your space of any lingering negativity or resentment, and create a more welcoming environment. Here are a few that will make your home better than ever.

Citrine. Some crystals are just generally good to have around. That aptly describes citrine. This stone boosts feelings of happiness, doesn’t hold onto negative energy, and is thought to bring prosperity to the home. If that wasn’t enough, citrine is thought to help you look at the future with optimism, awaken the higher mind, and improve self-esteem. Make sure you place this somewhere special.

Clear Quartz. Another great crystal to keep around your home is clear quartz. This is thought to be a master healer as it amplifies positive energy, good thoughts, and the effectiveness of other crystals. This also removes negative energy, aids in emotional balance, and cleanses the soul and spirit. It can also help you concentrate better and improve your memory. In short? Everyone in your home will love having this beautiful stone around!

Jade. If your home feels stressful or unhappy, then be sure to add in a little jade. This is thought to promote balance, peace, and wisdom. (Definitely important when you are dealing with many different personalities.) It is also believed to bring good health into the home – along with wealth and generosity. So, place it somewhere special.

Rose Quartz. Don’t forget to add rose quartz to your home. This is a must, as it brings positive relationships to the forefront. That means everyone in your home will get along and appreciate one another. Yes, this stone boosts harmony, love, and respect. Place it in the bedroom to boost your relationship with a spouse or romantic partner.

Do you have any of these crystals placed around your home? Share any other suggestions you have in the comment section below!

- Shannon

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