Friday, 28 July 2017

Quick and Simple Craft to Add to Your Sacred Space

Arts and crafts are my go to stress reliever. I like to have my little creations around my home. Now that I am going to be moving into my first house shortly, my mind has gone into full decor mode. So many projects to work on. I just wish I could work on all them all at once. That is how excited I am.

One of the projects I am excited about? Finally setting up a proper meditation area. My own sacred space. I am desperately looking around the house trying to find the perfect area to set up my sacred space. It is hard though, because I know not everyone who will walk into my house will appreciate an altar, or my endless books on new age techniques.That being said, I really want an area that will feel safe. I want an area to call my own. I want an area with no judgement.

So the 2nd bedroom of our house is where I will set up my sacred space. I am excited for it and can't wait to move my altar in there. You can see how my altar is laid out right now, in the above picture. I have decided to paint the room lime green, because green is suppose to symbolize life, renewal, harmony, freshness and safety.

I also decide on creating a little something for this room. Something a little small, but I think will hold a lot of energy for me.
 I got this little glass turtle on my trip to Vegas. I knew I wanted to incorporate him somehow. I decided to fill a little watering can with rocks, and then decorative stones and put him on top. Why did I choose the turtle? The turtle teaches us to find our own path and to walk down it peacefully.  It also reminds us to take a break in our busy lives. That is something I am constantly working on, so it kind of is a perfect piece to my meditation area.

I intuitively chose 3 types of crystals to lay around him. The Rose Quartz for love and to help any emotional healing I may need. The Tiger's Eye to help bring me courage and Citrine to help manifest and encourage my imagination.

For something that took no time at all to put together, it certainly means a lot to me. What do you have in your sacred space? What did you create? Let us know in the comment section below!


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