Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The Best Crystals for Cancer

There is something incredible about astrology. It allows us to examine characteristics and personality types that are dominant among each zodiac sign. So, with another astrology week underway, it is time to take a look at Cancer. They are known for being adaptable, loyal, and emotional. Certain crystals are able to promote balance and highlight their many strengths. Here are a few of the most notable….

Lapis Lazuli. The first stone on this list is known for its ties to truth, wisdom, and enlightenment. Lapis Lazuli has a bold blue shade that is not just visually appealing – but powerful. It is thought to strengthen intuition and judgement. This is important, as Cancers tend to make decisions based on their emotions.

Moonstone. Another useful stone for Cancers is moonstone. Since the moon is the ruler of this sign, it only makes sense that this is a must-have. It is a crystal that is perfect for new beginnings, balancing emotions, and reducing stress. This can also boost inspiration and levels of success.

Emerald. This gorgeous green stone symbolises healing and hope. It can boost spiritual growth and the ability to communicate. Emerald works well for Cancers who are dealing with difficult or stressful situations. It is also thought to boost memory and make people more honest.

Citrine. The last crystal on this list is citrine. Not only does it not hold onto negative energy (which is always a good thing), but it can help people born under the Cancer zodiac sign. It opens up the mind to accept or consider other people’s ideas and viewpoints. This is important as they often have difficulty doing this.

There are many useful crystals to choose from, but these are some of the best for Cancers. Be sure to incorporate them into your life!

Which crystals do you reach for most often?

- Shannon 

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