Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Crystals For Focus

It is astounding how many uses there are for crystals. Some work well for achieving balance, others for clearing away negativity or strengthening relationships, and a few for releasing old fears and moving forward. It seems there is a crystal for just about every emotion, ailment, and situation! They can be a wonderful addition to your day – especially if there is something specific you want to work on.

When it comes to focus, there are a number of crystals that can be of use. These are a few examples that can help you stay sharp and on task….

Amethyst. If you have wanted to add a new crystal to your collection lately, choose amethyst. It has so many uses, including an increased ability to focus. This works to create a sense of calm and help you achieve a clearer perspective. In turn, this makes it easier for you to focus on the task at hand – instead of your emotions.

Tigers Eye. Another great crystal to help improve your focus is tigers eye. This is a grounding stone that can help boost your ability to concentrate. It also works well at making you feel more confident and reducing feelings of anxiety. If that wasn’t enough, this crystal can also improve your intuition. Be sure to add this into your daily routine…especially when you need a little extra focus.

Clear Quartz. This is a must have if you are looking for a little extra focus on a specific project, either at work or during the school year. It creates a feeling of balance and will clear your mind of any unnecessary thoughts or emotions. Simply putting this on your desk or workspace can make a noticeable difference in your ability to concentrate. Give it a try to see for yourself!

Other Crystals for Focus: In addition to the three crystals listed above, there are a few others that can also be helpful. They include citrine, jade, amber, carnelian, and fluorite.

With the right crystal by your side, it can become easier to focus on what you really want. Add these to your home, office, or anywhere you need that extra boost.

What crystals do you use the most?

- Shannon

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