Wednesday, 9 August 2017

How To Set The Scene To Help You Focus

The day has been hell. Anything and everything that could go wrong did. Now you're finally home and you just want to meditate in order to forget the world. Only problem is that you can't stop thinking about everything. So what can you do to fix that? Well I am glad you asked.  Let's take a look at your meditation area and see if that can help.

Before you start your meditation follow these simple steps. In order to focus and commit yourself to your meditation you need to be in the right frame of mind.

  1. Take a hot shower. Figuratively wash away every bad thing that happened  to you today. The hot water will help you to relax and relieve any tension you are carrying in your shoulders and back.
  2. Turn off your notifications from your phone. You will need 0 distractions. Tell people in your home to give you 10 mins of peace and quiet. Don't even look at Facebook or else the time will be spent else where.
  3. Write it down. If something is seriously weighing on your mind, you know that's where your concentration will be. Instead write it out. It may not entirely get it off your mind, but scribbling it out will make you feel better. 
 Once you have completed the 3 steps above, it is time to focus on getting your meditation area ready to go. Here are some great tips!
  1. Turn off any bright lights. There is no way you'll meditate properly with a bright light shining in your face. Try candles and low lighting instead.
  2. Use music or guided meditation. These are always helpful. Sometimes silence gives you too much opportunity to think.
  3. Hold a crystal in each hand. By holding something you are subconsciously focusing on not dropping them. Let the power of the crystals wash over you.
  4. Focus on an inanimate object. Try a candle, a crystal, a figure or a picture. Look at the details. See every part of it and let your eyes just relax. 
  5. Scents are imperative. Sometimes a good scent will take your worries away. Eucalyptus is one of the perfect scents for stress relief. Try that or any other scent that you feel called to work with it. Breathe that  in!

Yes, it can be sometimes difficult to turn off your mind. It can be done though. Keep some of these tips in mind the next time you need help creating a mediation area that will help you to focus and forget your troubles. You'll feel a lot better after!

What are some of your tips on creating a peaceful meditation area? Let us know in the comment section below!


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