Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Meditations In Summer Weather

I love what each season brings to my town. There is something so beautiful and unique about each season, that I actually look forward to the next one, before the present one is even done. So far this summer I have not been able to take advantage of the gorgeous weather like I wish. Between working and moving, there has not been much time for anything else. That being said, I still want to take any opportunity to meditate outside.

This summer weather, allows for meditation to happen at any time of the day. Whether you are an early bird, late riser, or night owl, there is plenty of opportunity to go out and meditate in gorgeous weather. I am a night owl, and prefer to do my meditations under the stars.

If you are an early riser, take advantage of the gorgeous sunrises. If you can, lay a blanket outside and face the east towards the sunrise. Close your eyes, soak in the sun's energy, listen to the birds, and feel the early morning breeze. The great thing about this time of day, is that there is not a lot of traffic, or noise that will distract you from your meditation. This is a great time to really sit and become with nature. What a great way to start your day!

If you love to go outside mid day to read, relax or sunbathe, then take 5 mins to get a quick meditation in. Put a guided meditation or some meditation music on your ipod. This will help to drown out the rest of the world and allow you to focus on yourself. Focus on your breathing, close your eyes, feel the ground underneath you and just relax. There is nothing wrong with taking 5 mins out for yourself in the middle of the day and you will feel 100% recharged after you're done.

Take advantage of a beautiful sunset and reflect on your day. Take a cup of tea outside, put on some relaxing music, watch the sunset and think about what you're grateful for. It is nice to just in with yourself every day. Some times it can be a really stressful day, and you just need to unwind. Now is the perfect time. Make sure to thank the universe, God, or gods, for everything that is good in your life.

Are you a night owl like me? Then take the time at night under the stars to focus on your meditation. The moon has a lot of energy for you to take in. Now is also a perfect time to charge your crystals.  Each moon phase allows you focus your energies on different meditations.  If you are looking for a simple meditation, then just lay back, and put some meditation music on or listen to nature's sounds. Just lay there and let yourself just be. Sometimes the simplest actions can bring on the biggest results.

So no matter the time of day, get out there and enjoy this beautiful weather. What time of the day do you enjoy meditating? Let us know in the comment section below!



  1. I had never thought about using the moon phases this way, thanks for the tip! :)

    Heather |

  2. Enter your comment...i love midnight meditation,and i also meditate on moon en stars.

  3. Thank you everyone! I love meditating under the stars. It's my favourite time. I hope these tips work well for you!