Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Personality Traits of the Colour Pink

We all have a favourite colour. Growing up, my brothers’ favourite was blue, my sisters’ was purple, and mine was pink. Ahh, pink. Few things bring me as much joy as that beautiful shade. Which is probably where there has been an abundance of pink surrounding me over the years. A few examples? My office is pink (a bright, bold colour), my old bedroom was pink (a soft romantic version), many of my décor pieces are pink, and well, I try to make as much of my life pink as possible.

Since this is Pink Week here on Cosmic Positivity (as part of our recurring colour week theme), it only makes sense to talk about this colour in depth. To start with, here are some of the personality traits linked to this stunning shade.

Personality Traits for Pink

  • People who adore the colour pink are generally very loving people. They offer kindness to others (even when they do not receive it in return) and are sensitive.
  • In addition to being generous with their time and emotions, they are also approachable and friendly. Pink lovers are also thought to be quite nurturing by nature. They want to take care of people and make things better.
  • Whether you are a male or female, you are likely very in touch with your feminine side.
  • You are romantic and have a positive outlook on life. You try to see both sides of any and all conflicts and be fair to others.
  • Often, you are very reserved and avoid confrontations whenever possible. You may be shy or may give off this impression to others when they first meet you.
If you love pink as much as I do, then many of these personality traits are likely to resonate with you. Do your best to incorporate the colour into your life and see what happens. You might notice a positive shift – or that certain personality traits become more prominent.

Is pink your favourite colour? If not…what is? 

- Shannon

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