Thursday, 21 September 2017

The Best Crystals for Virgo

When I first started using crystals, it felt totally overwhelming. How would I ever learn which stones work best for specific issues, problems, or situations? It seemed impossible at the time…but bit-by-bit, I started to know which crystals to choose. Without constantly looking up their meanings. However, there is always more to learn, especially when it comes to crystals and astrology.

Certain pieces work well to highlight positive traits and balance out any negative (or not-so-wonderful) characteristics. Here are some of the most effective types for the sign of Virgo:

Citrine. When it comes to finding balance…citrine is an essential for Virgo. Since this sign tends to be on the perfectionist side (and expect others to live up to their high standards) they often feel frustrated. That is where citrine comes in handy! It removes negative energy with ease. This stone can also help turn dreams and intentions into an everyday reality.

Green Jade. One crystal that is a must-have for this Zodiac sign is green jade. It is one of the birthstones – and it creates strong feelings of happiness and harmony. This is also a stone of abundance, which can help Virgos achieve the (many) goals they set for themselves. It makes it possible to manifest your dreams and bring prosperity into your life. This is perfect to have around the home or office.

Carnelian. Another great option is carnelian. It is also a traditional birthstone for the sign and is used for luck, can balance the body, attract prosperity, boost drive and ambition, and can increase feelings of courage and confidence. This stone can also clear the mind of negative thoughts and help you stay focused.

Other Essential Crystals for Virgo: In addition to the stones listed above, there are some other options to consider. They include: blue sapphire (which focuses on the throat chakra and aids in communication), celestite (allows you to access intuition and creativity), and fluorite (removes negative energy and boosts spiritual growth). 

Do you use crystals to create balance with your Zodiac sign? Which do you use most often?

- Shannon

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