Sunday, 17 September 2017

Why I Love Trying New Things

It has always been this way. Ever since I can remember, I have experienced a thrill whenever something new came into my life. Whether it was Christmas, my birthday, or just a random day…. new things made me giddy. Perhaps this has to do with my upbringing. Growing up, we didn’t have a lot of money. The majority of my clothes and toys were hand-me-downs or came from thrift stores. Because of this, new items were extra exciting, because they were mine and mine alone.

This caused me to overdo it in my adult years. I spent my money on clothes, shoes, makeup, magazines, band merch, and anything else that I wanted. That caused me to spend rather than save for a long, long time. Though I would try over and over again to save my money…. the lure of shiny new things was too strong. I’d wind up going to the mall or buying an enormous amount of beauty products.

Over the last several years, I began to cut back, bit by bit. However, it wasn’t until I really got into crystal therapy, chakras, and all things new age, that I was actually able to limit my spending. I think it had to do with feeling more whole and complete with myself – and learning to appreciate the abundant life that I live. Sometimes, I stop and think about how much I have, how grateful I am for it, and how blessed my life is. It helps.

Of course, my resolution for this year was to spend less and appreciate more. Shockingly enough, it has happened. Despite the odd shopping trip and random moments of splurging, things are looking up. While I still love buying (and receiving) new items…it is getting easier and easier to love the things already in my life. For me? That is progress.

Are you in the same boat? How to you curb your desire for something sparkly and new?

- Shannon

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