Friday, 20 October 2017

Best Crystals for Libra

There are many different crystals and each one has its own specific uses. If you are interested in crystal therapy (or just want to connect more deeply to your Zodiac sign), start by adding crystals thoughtfully into your home or office. Another option is to wear accessories with useful stones. Are you ready to find out which ones will work best? Here are some of the crystals that have been linked to Libra.

Peridot. Traditionally, the stone most associated with this astrological sign is Peridot. It comes in several different colours (olive, lime green, and yellow) and is used as a healing stone. It balances the Heart Chakra, which is vital for the Libra, as they are consumed by the idea of love and romance. It also increases understanding and wisdom – and can be used to heal emotional wounds.

Aventurine. There are many different types of aventurine out there (the colours range from green to blue to brown) but the most effective for Libra is blue. This colour is most often associated with the sign. When used, this can reduce stress in your life, which is important, as the Libran can often feel overwhelmed. It also builds feelings of confidence and improves creativity. 

Bloodstone. A great grounding stone for Libra is bloodstone. This is thought to have magical powers and is believed to heal problems within the body. The stone works well to heal and create balance within the heart chakra, sacral chakra, and root chakra. It also works well to ground this unforgettable air sign.

Other Crystals For Libra: In addition to the crystals mentioned above, there are also others that can work well. They include: jade (which relates to love and has to do with wisdom), tourmaline (there are many different colours that can offer protection and bring comfort), and moonstone (which allows you to feel joy on a deeper level).

It is amazing how effective certain crystals can be when they are paired with your astrological sign. Use these to amplify all of the positive characteristics of Libra and balance out those not-so-spectacular traits.

Do you use any of these crystals?

- Shannon 

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