Friday, 6 October 2017

Confidence, Expectations, and Meghan Trainor

We live in an image-obsessed world. Everywhere we turn there are magazine covers telling us how to shed the pounds and be better than we already are. And celebrities often lead the way to poor self-esteem. With a whopping 47% of young women refusing to participate in activities that will show off their bodies…. the sad truth is that low self-esteem is a serious problem. Even more problematic? It often follows us to adulthood. So, how can the average woman live up to unattainable ideals of being desirable and feminine? We can’t. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

You probably know who Meghan Trainor is. Her debut single, All About That Bass cemented her status as a fresh new pop star. Everything that followed her first number one has been just as dynamic – thanks to a stream of songs that challenged gender norms, praised self-love, and had attitude to boot. Due to her open criticism of mainstream ideals, people are talking about body confidence like never before.

Meghan is different than many other singer-songwriters out there. To start with, she never believed she could be a pop star. Why? She didn’t look like Britney Spears, Katy Perry, or Rihanna. But what made her different ultimately led to her success. Meghan began to pen songs about loving yourself, being confident, and embracing your inner and outer beauty. Considering the number of songs on the radio about drinking, partying, and loving bad boys, her music has created an exciting shift.

Rather than looking to celebrities to be perfect…. reality is on the rise. Female stars continue to speak out about the pressures of Hollywood while Meghan is inspiring people of all ages to feel proud of who they are. To love who they are. My hope is that she continues to challenge repressive gender norms and body ideals throughout her career. Why? Because Meghan is the truth society needs to hear.

What does beauty mean to you? Are you a fan of Meghan Trainor?  

- Shannon 

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