Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Meditation Tips for Improved Self Confidence

Self-confidence is an uphill battle. Most of us spend our lives learning how to achieve (and maintain) feelings of worth. This can be a long and sometimes difficult process, but ultimately, it is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. Love, compassion, and an appreciation of our own value are priceless treasures that we all deserve.

If you are struggling with negative feelings or simply want to improve your self-confidence, there are many strategies to consider. Meditation is one extremely effective method. These tips will make sure your next practise benefits your sense of self.

Understand the Potential Benefits. By now, you are probably all-too-aware of the many reasons to incorporate meditation into your life. Like reduced stress levels and a deeper connection to self, for example. That deep connection is vital when developing and increasing your self-confidence. The more time you spend getting to know and understand yourself…. the better you will feel. Look at meditation as a way to further develop your own personal relationship and understand your true wants and needs.

Use Crystals That Boost Confidence. Another great way to maximize your feelings of self worth is to surround yourself with helpful crystals during meditations. There are many that have been linked to positive emotions and confidence, such as sunstone (which will help you shine, as the name indicates), citrine (carrier of positive energy), rose quartz (to improve feelings of self love), and moonstone (which eases emotional fears). Incorporate these into your next meditation to experience the many benefits of crystal therapy.

Recite Positive Affirmations Throughout. Affirmations are a must when it comes to meditations and self-confidence. You can add these to your practise by choosing a guided meditation (like this one) or reciting relevant affirmations before and after your meditation. A few examples include: I love myself exactly as I am. My self-confidence grows with every breath I take. I become stronger when I focus on my positive attributes. With a few minor adjustments to your next meditation, you can focus your attention on improving feelings of self-confidence.

Share your own meditation tips below!

- Shannon

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