Friday, 10 November 2017

How to Share a Spiritual Journey

Family is the most important part of my life. I am extremely fortunate to be close with my immediate family – though much of my extended family has been cut out for one reason or another. It just goes to show! When it comes to family, everyone has baggage.

For instance, while I am very close with my immediate family, they do not know about my spiritual beliefs. They have expressed in the past a disbelief in crystals, oracle cards, and anything that falls under the category of new age. But that doesn’t mean I can’t share my journey with them. It just changes the way I go about it! If you are looking to include your family members in your own spiritual path, here are a few foolproof suggestions.

Give Them a Piece of Crystal Jewellery. There are always special occasions to celebrate with family. From holidays to promotions, graduations, and marriages…. a significant event is a wonderful reason to give a family member a meaningful gift. A few examples include: a piece of jewellery with a meaningful stone (like amethyst or quartz) or something with their birthstone. Personal, meaningful, and stylish. Your loved ones will be thrilled with your thoughtful token of affection. 

Go For a Nature Walk. While you may want to do a reiki session with or on a family member, it isn’t always realistic. It depends entirely on what each family member believes and is open to. Not a problem! A good alternative is to go for a nature walk together. You can carry some grounding stones with you connect with the earth while you enjoy spending some relaxing time with someone you love.

Share Positivity Whenever Possible. While your family may not understand or agree with your spiritual beliefs, they can certainly get on board with positive thinking. Speak to each other about all of the wonderful things in your life (rather than complain about work and all into the trap of negativity), recite affirmations, and generally, lift each other up. Simply being a beacon of light and love can strengthen your bond in unexpected ways. Give it a try the next time you spend time with family!

There are many ways to get spiritual with your family – without making them feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed. Give these suggestions a try and see what happens.

Will you try any of these? Share your own suggestions!

- Shannon

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