Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Scorpios and Their Element

Oh you beautiful Scorpios!  You're such an awesome zodiac sign! Did you know that your element is water? It actually says a lot about you. Scorpios are very emotional and very private. Even though you have a lot of emotions, your emotions tend to run very deep and you don't let people know about them unless you want them to. I guess there is some true behind the saying "Still waters run deep". You are a very private person who reveals very little about themselves to others. Anyone who gets to know you is very surprised at everything they are priviledged to see.

You will realize that your element is balanced when you are feeling calm and peaceful. Nothing is bothering, and your emotions are not extreme at the moment. Take advantage of this time and meditate! Your mind will be at peace and should not wonder.

If you are not balanced, you probably feel very apprehensive and detached from people and maybe even a little self indulgent. Take some time out for yourself, before you attempt to communicate with anyone else. Trust me it will help! You will be more likely to get into an argument that way.

Scorpios you are also a Fixed sign. That means you are very stubborn and can even go into an emotional rut from time to time. Instead of being resistant to change, try opening yourself up for new experiences. You may want things to stay the same forever, but by sticking to a strict routine means you can miss out on some great life experiences.

Happy Birthday Scorpios!


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