Friday, 15 December 2017

Finding Balance as an Empath

I’ll be honest. It can be draining sometimes. There are many wonderful things about being an empath, like understanding emotions and being a support to others. (I personally find that it helps me with my writing, as well.) However, it can also be emotionally draining to constantly pick up on emotions from the people around you. In the same boat? To help you maintain a healthy balance, here are a few simple strategies.

Learn How to Shield Yourself. One of the simplest ways to avoid picking up energy from people around you – whether it is good or bad – is by creating a mental shield. Anytime there is someone or something you want to protect yourself from, take a moment. Visualize a white light all around you. Then visualize a fine net around that white light. This will filter out the bad and let in the good. It may sound silly or ineffective but mentally shielding yourself can be extremely powerful. It also reminds you to focus on yourself rather than what is going on around you.

Use Crystals for Empaths. Certain crystals are effective when dealing with strong emotions. Some of the most commonly used for this personality type include: rose quartz, black tourmaline, amethyst, lepidolite, and malachite. Carry one with you for strength and balance – or place them around your home. Let their power heal you, help you, and guide you throughout the day.

Watch Healing Videos or Meditate. Thank goodness for YouTube! There are so many wonderful resources on there for empathic people. For instance, videos about how to heal, protect, and even meditations specifically geared towards the issues that empaths face. A few suggestions include: Empath Meditation of Healing and How Being an Empath Makes You a Healer.  

See? All you need are a few defence mechanisms to make the most of your empathic abilities. Give these a try the next time you feel overwhelmed.

How do you bring balance to your life?

- Shannon

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