Sunday, 3 December 2017

Why Our Focus Is On Helping Beginners

When Amanda and I started this blog, we had two objectives: to create a safe space for beginners and to work creatively together. We both had a passion for crystals and wanted to channel that passion in a way that would help other people. Since our own journeys were still fairly early on in their infancy when we first discussed running a blog together…. it only made sense that we focus our material on those just starting out.

When we finally took the plunge and started Cosmic Positivity, we could still vividly remember how it felt to get started. That memory along with a strong desire to help people (and to make the world a more positive place) really shaped what this blog became. I can honestly say that I am proud of what we accomplished together. Not only did it help us learn and grow but we have been able to help other people, too. At least on a small scale!

That small scale is okay with me…because positivity has a ripple effect. One small simple act (whether it is a compliment to a stranger or a blog post about crystals) charged with positive energy can have a widespread impact. And that is why we created this space. And that is why our focus is on beginners. Our goal is to spread positive energy and make it easier to begin your own journey.

- Shannon

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  1. Beautiful post Dear:)