Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Making The Most of Guided Meditation

Silence is something I struggle with. The eerie still causes my mind to wander, worry, stress, and panic. Despite enjoying alone time…the quiet has always made me feel uneasy. Perhaps that is why sounds have played such a huge role in my life. Music was nothing short of an addiction, movies the perfect distraction, and everyday sounds, a blissful symphony. It was only a matter of time before guided meditation found its way into my life. For me, it was the best of both worlds: sound and stillness.

What Is Guided Meditation?

If you are interested in the practise of meditation (which has been proven to reduce stress levels, improve concentration, increase happiness, and boosts self-awareness) but don’t know how to begin…or struggle with silencing the mind…guided meditation is the perfect solution. It is literally meditation with the help of a guide. A narrator will speak to you in a calm and relaxing manner and take you on an inner journey.

Some guided mediations are focused entirely on relaxation while others are dedicated to themes of empowerment or self-improvement. Once you are in a meditative state, the subconscious mind is relaxed and open, which allows positive suggestions to take hold.

How Can You Practise?

There are a number of different ways to experience guided meditation. Some people will go to a session (where a narrator leads the mediation either one on one or in a group setting) while others will listen to a CD or watch a video from the privacy of their homes. There is no right or wrong way to practise guided meditation. The most important thing is that you are able to relax and get in touch with your inner self.

Tips To Make The Most of Guided Meditation:
  • Don’t settle. It might take some searching to find a guided meditation that works for you. That could mean different classes, narrators, or looking online for other alternatives. Be open to trying new things!
  • Create a comfortable space. Relaxation is an important part of the meditative process, so be sure to practise meditation in a space you want to be in. Put down pillows, light candles, and create an inviting area.
  • Schedule time for meditation. The easiest way to derail your meditation is to think about all the things you need to get done. Forget your to do list by setting aside time for this important practise.
  • Try to let go. In order to experience the many benefits of guided meditation, it is vital that you breathe deeply and let go. Listen to the narrator, use visualization techniques, and fully give into the process.

Guided Meditations To Try

If you are interested in trying guided meditation for yourself, there are many options. Check out a local class, download an audio track from iTunes, or look online. In the meantime, here are a few guided meditations on YouTube to get you started.

Do you practise guided meditation? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

- Shannon

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