Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Symbols, Signs, and Spirit Animals

I have always believed in symbols and signs. Growing up, I was certain that fluffy snowflakes were a sign from Heaven. To me, they represented someone I had lost, saying hello. Whenever I saw them falling…. I would look up at the sky and say thank you. My belief in symbols and signs didn’t end there. If a breeze came out of nowhere, I thought it was a friendly hello from the universe. That it was a reminder to pause, reflect, and be grateful.

Perhaps my openness to symbols and signs explains my belief in spirit animals. I feel certain things call out to us - whether it is a sign, colour, or animal. Something about it resonates on a deep spiritual level. It provides us with wisdom, connection, and comfort.

An example of the latter? Before going in for a procedure at the hospital, my anxiety was at an all time high. At the time, my iPod was playing “The Eagle and The Hawk” on repeat. For whatever reason, that song calmed me down. On the way to the hospital, a massive bird flew over and around our car for several minutes. I don’t know if it was a hawk, an eagle, or something else altogether. What I do know is that its appearance gave me an overwhelming sense of peace when I needed it most.

That day, I was given the gift of hope. Though many spirit animals have presented themselves to me since then (either through meditation or an unexplained connection), one thing is certain: I will never forget the first.

Are you open to symbols, signs, and spirit animals? What role have they played in your life?

- Shannon 

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