Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Activities Friends Can Do Together For Spiritual Growth

I am someone who craves alone time. It is essential to me – especially when I need to re-charge, think something through, or be productive. Despite the importance of alone time, there is no denying the fact that some things are better when you have company. Certain activities and events are made memorable when you have another person to share them with.

In honour of friendship week, here are a few activities to do with friends that will benefit your spiritual growth and development.

Take a Class Together. There is power in numbers. Taking a class related to crystal therapy, candles, colours, or meditation can be a great way to learn…but it can also be a little intimidating. So, sign up with a friend to take anxiety out of the experience. You’ll expand your knowledge, spend time together, and make lasting memories.

Go For an Inspiration Walk. Life gets busy and overwhelming sometimes. That is why it is vital that you give yourself time to rest and relax. If you’ve been lacking inspiration (or feel completely drained) then invite your best friend to take an inspiration walk. Go somewhere you can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. Then you can chat, walk, and experience peace and tranquility as a pair. Another idea? Bring along your camera to take some inspirational nature photos.

Do a Guided Meditation Together. There are many benefits of group meditation. Not only can it help you achieve a sense of calm and inner reflection – but it can be a bonding experience for friends as well. Try doing a guided meditation to start (in a space you both feel comfortable) to make it a little easier. As you get used to the process, you can try meditating to soothing music or in silence. You’ll feel relaxed and your friendship will grow stronger. It’s a win-win.

There are plenty of ways to enhance your friendship, grow spiritually, and have a little fun. These are just a few suggestions to get you started. Be sure to share your own in the comment section!

- Shannon

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