Friday, 21 April 2017

Amanda's Current Inspirations

Every day brings us new and exciting sources of inspiration. Sometimes you have to really look in order to find them. Those sources are my favourite inspirations. I never expected to fall in love with crystals and chakras, but I am so glad I did because they are the reason why Cosmic Positivity is here and we get to hang out with all of you lovely people!

My crystal inspiration at the moment is the Carnelian. It's no surprise really since Carnelian is a stone for creativity. I have two desks in my apartment where I do most of my writing and I have a piece of it on each of the desk as well as my altar in my bedroom. I need to keep them to close in order to keep being inspired! This stone is perfect for me since I am always working on several projects at once. In fact I have my makeup look ready for when we do a week focusing on the colour red. My source of inspiration? Carnelian of course!

I really had to think about what my inspiration is for my quote and I finally saw this quote online and thought it was perfect!
This is perfect because as of right now there is so much anger and turmoil in the world. The world would be a much better place if we all sat back and just "chilled" for a moment. I know that I can get amped up and anxious pretty often. This quote reminds me to step back and just relax.

What is inspiring you lately? Any favourite quotes or crystals? 


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