Friday, 28 April 2017

An Interview With Shannon

Cosmic Positivity has been a beautiful gift given to us from the universe. I truly believe that things are suppose to happen for a reason. This blog came at the perfect time for us and it would not be alive today if both of were not passionate about it.What works well for us is that Shannon and I bring different skills and talents to the table and we support and push each other to work on our passions.

Today I am actually really excited. I get to brag about Shannon. Shannon is the ying to my yang, the peanut butter to my jelly, my bestie, my twin flame. The twin flame relationship is one of the most significant relationships to have in your life time and even though they don't always last forever, they will forever leave a mark on your soul. When twin flames reunite their spiritual growth grows at a rapid rate. You will notice certain similarities and it will be like looking in a mirror. That is how it is with Shannon and I. I am lucky to have found her.

Shannon is a talented, dedicated, loyal person who wears her heart on her sleeve. While most people would describe her as shy and sweet (which she is), I would use other words such as determined, fun, and not afraid to step out of her comfort zone in  order to better herself.  I am lucky to have been a part of her journey for the last 7 years.

So this week we decided to interview  each other that way you can get to know us and Cosmic Positivity a bit better. Enjoy my interview with Shannon!

What inspired you to start blogging?

Writing has always been important to me. After graduating from University, I was searching a creative outlet. So, I started a music blog. Later, I traded in that blog for a beauty and fashion blog (which I have been running for six years), and eventually, Amanda and I started Cosmic Positivity!

Walk me through your process of writing.

It usually starts with a new Word document. There is something about the blank page that inspires me to create. Often, I have ideas mapped out in my head beforehand (or on a scrap piece of paper) and use them as my guide. Beyond that…. I just write and see what happens!

What has been your favourite piece so far?

There have been a lot of pieces that I am really proud of on Cosmic Positivity. But my favourite is one that is coming up this Sunday. It is the bonus post for the week and is all about goldstone. Writing that blog post was very healing for me. It allowed me to remember the special connection my grandmother and I had.

What topic are you most excited for?

Spoiler alert: Amanda and I have some incredible theme weeks coming up! The one that I am most excited for is pop culture week. There is a celebrity-inspired piece that I’ve been desperate to write about.

What do you want to learn about?

Oh, there are so many things that I want to learn more about. I want to dig deeper into angel therapy, to find out about reiki and distance healing, and improve my knowledge of crystals and their many uses.

What are three goals you have for this blog?

My three goals for Cosmic Positivity are:
  • To help people further their knowledge on topics related to crystal therapy and self-improvement.
  • To learn more with every single blog post.
  • Continue to share this amazing experience with my best friend.

I know that John Denver is a big inspiration to you. Tell us who he is, how he affects you, and how he ties into Cosmic Positivity.

John Denver is one of the best-selling male artists of all time. Unfortunately, many people in my generation have no clue who he is. His career dates back to the late 1960s, but he released music consistently until his death in 1997. John is without a doubt one of the biggest influences in my life. His music is poetry. It reminds me that words are powerful, life is beautiful, and there is always kindness to share. Much of John’s music relates to nature, gratitude, and the importance of connection…. and I think those themes tie in perfectly with Cosmic Positivity.

Describe yourself as a writer in three words.

Honest (writing allows me to express the most honest parts of myself), professional (both in my work ethic and my writing style), and helpful (my ultimate goal is to help people through my work). 

What does Cosmic Positivity mean to you?

Cosmic Positivity means more to me than I can properly express. It symbolizes the incredible bond that Amanda and I have, the trust we share, and the incredible journey of knowledge and self-discovery that we are on. It is a safe space that keeps me inspired.

How does Cosmic Positivity make the world a better place?

When you put positive energy and intention into a project…it benefits everyone. Cosmic Positivity gives me a sense of pride and fulfilment. And I like to think that maybe it brings joy to the people reading it.

What crystal represents Cosmic Positivity to you?

Citrine immediately came to mind. It represents abundance, success, and personal power. It also has energy related to good luck and good fortune. Those qualities are all things we want tied to this blog, in my opinion. I like the idea of Cosmic Positivity being surrounded by luck and positive energy.

Where do you see Cosmic Positivity in 1 year? 5 years? 10 years?

In the next year, I see Cosmic Positivity really gaining its footing. There will be lots of incredible theme weeks and I hope we can continue to build our audience. In five years, I would love us to still be blogging and learning and sharing…but I’d also like us to branch out and incorporate other creative projects into it! In ten years, it would be amazing if we were able to attend new age events, interview people, and really take things to the next level. Who knows! Anything is possible.

Bonus Questions:

If you could be a magical creature, what would it be and why?

I would be a unicorn because then I’d be pink, purple, and glittery!

If there were no limitations, what would you do with this blog?

Ideally, we would be able to commit ourselves to the blog completely. Doing everything we can to gain an audience, taking more original photos, attending and reviewing different classes and workshops, and so on.

What do you think your favourite alcoholic beverage says about you?

Ha! Probably that I am a creature of habit, since I always order the same thing: vodka cranberry.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and you could only bring crystals or makeup, which would you choose?

Crystal infused makeup! Is that cheating? Okay…. crystals. Because it I were stranded and alone, then I would need crystals to keep me focused, positive, and connected to something bigger than myself.

Britney or Madonna?

Britney! I love both, but Britney Spears is someone I have idolized for such a long time. 

Well that is Shannon in a nutshell. At least when it comes to Cosmic Positivity anyways. We hope you enjoyed our Friendship Week! Come back on Sunday, Shannon has an awesome personal story to tell!


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  1. I'm really enjoying reading the blog and I definitely hope it's still going strong in the coming years.

    Also, excellent choice of magical creature! I'm all about the unicorns right now. ;-)

    Cait @ Click's Clan