Sunday, 16 April 2017

My Passion For Crystals Renewed My Love Of Writing

I forgot how much fun it was to sit down with a pen and paper and let my thoughts transfer from my mind to paper. While Shannon is definitely the experienced writer out of the two of us (have you read her stuff, it's fabulous- check out "What to Do When Your Family Doesn't Support You" here ), I am reminded of my own history with writing.

English was always one of my easiest subjects in school. Even though I fumble my words when I speak, they seem to flow more naturally on paper. Talking about books and coming up with stories was one of my favourite things to do as a kid. Growing up I was given opportunities to write speeches, fall in love with poetry and take creative writing classes. If you gave me a notebook I filled it. If I found a scrap piece of paper I wrote on it. If I had a diary I would pour my heart out. I was obsessed with writing.

High school created  new and exciting challenges with writing. I excelled with essays, while other subjects and parts of high school became more difficult. I still was able to put my love for writing to use, but in a different format.

After high school, the responsibilities of being an adult made me have less time for writing. What was the point? My job didn't require it and I had barely enough  time and energy to enjoy it at the end of the day.

Now that Cosmic Positivity is born I feel like this is the perfect outlet for me to write. I know Shannon feels the same. It's amazing how writing about your passion can light a fire under your butt. I really look forward everyday to writing in my notebook. Yes, I am old school, I prefer pen and paper before I touch the computer.

The blog makes me so happy and I know that Shannon and I are both fortunate to have a safe haven where we get to talk, write, research and come up with some amazing topics to talk about.

How do you feel about writing? Are you as passionate about your blog as the day you created it?


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