Thursday, 6 April 2017

Understanding the Throat Chakra

It all started with Chakras. After watching an ASMR video related to the topic, I found myself intrigued by the idea. Perhaps this is why the first spiritual (or new age, if you prefer) book I purchased was related to the Chakras. Since then, I have been working to expand my knowledge on this topic, through reading, meditation, and crystal work.

In honour of blue week here on Cosmic Positivity, this post is dedicated to the Throat Chakra. Get ready to find out more about the fifth Chakra….

What Is The Throat Chakra?

The throat chakra is an essential part of the body. It relates to the voice – which allows energy from all of the other chakras to be expressed. The colour blue represents the throat, which is why blue crystals are often used to unblock or create balance. 

If the throat chakra is balanced and in harmony, we are able to express our thoughts, feelings, and emotions with ease. Communication is simple and we are able to live and speak our own personal truth. Expression should be both stress free and rewarding.

When this chakra is out of balance, we may experience physical symptoms, such as headaches or a sore throat. It may also bring about emotional symptoms, like the inability to communicate effectively, being at a loss for words, or feeling misunderstood.

Throat Chakra Facts
  • The Sanskirt name for the throat chakra is Visuddha.
  • Physical associations include the throat, ears, mouth, shoulders, and neck.
  • It is psychologically linked to communication and creative identity.
  • Shyness is a common sign that your throat chakra is out of alignment (which is of interest to me, as being shy has affected my life for as long as I can remember).
  • Working through negative emotions can benefit this chakra.

How To Unblock This Chakra

There are many different ways to bring this chakra into alignment. Some suggestions include: working with blue crystals (especially dark blue crystals which often represent truth), visualizing the colour blue, singing (sound therapy can help unblock the throat chakra), listening to soothing music or a guided meditation, lighting a blue candle, or speaking from a place of love and compassion. Before long…your throat chakra will be unblocked and your communication will improve.

What do you do to keep the throat chakra in alignment?

- Shannon

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