Friday, 19 May 2017

Gridding: Let's Dig A Little Deeper

There is something so magical about crystal grids. You can feel the power and energy they give off. When you are wanting to put some good vibes and intentions out into the world, a crystal grid is the way to go. Shannon wrote a fantastic piece on grid basics which you can check out here. Today I would like to dive a little deeper with them. No matter the information I give you or anyone gives you remember this before anything else:
Go with your intuition.
No matter what any one tells you, go with your gut when it comes to choosing the crystals you want to work with. No one knows better than you when it comes to which stones work best for you. Now if you still want to learn about gridding, then keep reading!
Ok so you have your crystals and your cloth ready to go. Now what? Well find a location that will be perfect for the grid. You will want to get the negative energy out of the area, before setting your intention. This is very important since you want to give your intentions the best possible chance to manifest itself. You can use white sage in order to clear the area of any and all negative energy.

When choosing your centre crystal, a big stone is perfect. If you can, try to go with clear quartz crystals. They amplify the energy of the grid. If you can get one with a point even better.

Certain crystals work well with certain intentions. For your next grid try one of these crystal combinations:

Green Aveturine

Rose Quartz

Tiger's Eye

Blue Lace Agate
Blue Calcite

There are so many different combinations depending on what your intention is. Remember to write your intention and place it under the centre crystal. Also while setting up the grid you need to be on your intentions. That will help to bring the energy to your grid. 

Before you start to meditate with your grid take a pointed clear quartz crystal and draw a line connecting the crystals. This is to help activate the grid. Now your grid is really to work with you. Have some fun with it!

Do you have any grids around your home? Do you enjoy working with them? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!


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