Tuesday, 9 May 2017

New Age Tools For Travel Anxiety

Travel is an essential part of my life. I have always loved to get away from it all and explore new places…. whether it is a day trip, a weekend getaway, or an overseas journey. Yes, there is something thrilling about travel, but it does have its drawbacks. Travel anxiety is something I struggle with. Flying terrifies me, I worry about what is going on back at home, and fear something will derail my perfectly planned itinerary. Thankfully, it is possible to work around this anxiety. Here are a few new age inspired suggestions to help you travel with ease.

Visualization. The mind is powerful. I found this out during a recent flight home from Las Vegas. As the plane shook, lurched, and dropped, I was on the brink of a full-blown panic attack. What did I do? I practised positive visualization. I envisioned the airplane, surrounded in a protective white light.

I focused on the image in my head. I forced myself to believe that white light really was protecting us. Quite frankly, that image was the only thing that kept me semi-sane during that rough flight. If you’re dealing with turbulence, insomnia, or general anxiety brought on by travel…practise positive visualization.

Guided Meditation. This is one of the first new age coping mechanisms I ever tried. There are tons of guided meditations and hypnosis tracks (on both iTunes and YouTube) and some are specifically geared towards travel. The one that really helped me is called “Fear of Flying” and it goes through facts about travelling, flying, and so on.

Look for a meditation or hypnosis track that fills you with a sense of calm. Then add it to your iPod or smart phone before you go anywhere. When you start to feel anxious? Simply press play and let the anxiety disappear.

Crystals. One travel companion you should never leave home without? A small felt bag full of your favourite crystals. Before any vacation, I pack a few of my most-used (and most comforting) pieces, like green aventurine, goldstone, tigers eye, and amethyst. Then I add in any other stones that are calling to me.

Simply pack your chosen pieces into your carry on. Knowing that they are nearby will help you feel better, protected, and anxiety free. Put some thought into the crystals you’ll take…just remember to consider size!

Seeing the world? Learning new things? Travel opens us up to some seriously remarkable experiences. Don’t let fears, worries, and anxieties stop you. Put these new age coping mechanisms to the test.

How do you deal with travel anxiety?

- Shannon 

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