Wednesday, 17 May 2017

New And Full Moon Rituals: The Basics

Do you ever look up at the sky at night  and just feel the energy of the moon? She is so beautiful and so powerful that you can't help, but be in awe of her.  Each moon phase allows for a different type of ritual, which I am excited to talk about today. There are 8 phases to be exact, but I want to focus on 2- the new moon and the full moon. There is so much that goes into a moon ritual, that I couldn't possibly get into all of it today. Down the road hopefully we will dive more into it. Today let's focus on the basics and what these two moon phases are good for.

New Moon Phase- Focusing on the word 'new', this cycle is all about focusing on new beginnings, new endeavors, and new relationships. This is the perfect time to make positive changes in your life, search for opportunities, and come up with great ideas. Focus on what you want to manifest for the month, write it all down on a piece of paper, light a candle and then meditate. After you do this make sure to keep this list in your house.

Charging Crystals- You can put your crystals out in this phase to soak up the moon's energy. This will help to charge crystals  and they will help your new beginnings, and bring confidence and hope to your life. Once you have cleared and charged your crystals make sure you program them to make them work with you.

Spells- If you are into spells, then doing them during the moon phases is perfect. If you want to do a spell during the New Moon Phase then the following spells are the best to do:
  • Spells for the happiness of others
  • Love spells
  • Love-binding
  • Starting a new business spell
  • Job Seeking Spell
  • Easy Childbirth spell
Full Moon Phase- A full moon is beautiful and powerful. During her time in the sky you should be focusing on  perfecting ideas or renewing commitments to people or projects. Check in on your manifestion list, appreciate what has been manifested and just remember that not everything happens right away. Sometimes it takes a bit of time.  After, bury the list in the ground and thank the moon for everything she has provided.

Charging Crystals- Crystals charged during this phase helps you to achieve the things you wanted to manifest. Remember after charging your crystals you need to program them.

 Spells- The following spells are great to do during a Full Moon Phase:
  • Love spells
  • Love-binding
  • Attracting a lover
  • Past life connection spells
  • Fertility Spell
  • Easy Childbirth spell
  • Seeking your purpose in life
  • Spells for divine messages
There are some common items that you can use during any moon ritual. Here are just a few:
  • Candles
  • Crystals
  • Incense
  • Music
The moon phases can help a lot of rituals to manifest things in your life. It is definitely worth while to do the research. Do you like to do any rituals with the moon? Let us know in the comment section below.


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