Thursday, 29 June 2017

Celebrities Who Love Crystals

I have always had a fascination with pop culture. Things like the top songs on the radio, the latest movies, and the hottest TV shows were on my radar. Still are! Which is why I have wanted to write this post for ages. In fact, I’ve been planning this article since before Amanda and I officially started Cosmic Positivity. This is all about celebrities who love crystals. Some of the people on this list, you may know about already. Others may surprise you. Is your favourite star on this crystal-loving list? Here are a few noteworthy mentions….

Spencer Pratt. Okay, he may not exactly be an A-list celeb, but Spencer Pratt brought new age healing into the homes of millions. The reality star infamously spent a million dollars on his crystal collection. Since then? He has sold off some of his stones and now has his very own Starter Metaphysical Crystal Set (also known as Spencer’s Crystal Kit) for sale. Not a bad way to infuse a little positive energy into a post-television life.

Katy Perry. This next celebrity is a household name who has made her love of crystals well known. After a bad break-up, Madonna (yes, the Madonna) gave her the phone number of a crystal healer. Since then, she has been all about the crystal life. Katy even told Cosmopolitan magazine that she always carries a lot of rose quartz with her.

Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson. Like mother, like daughter! Both Goldie Hawn and her daughter Kate Hudson have incorporated crystals into their lives. While Kate has a rose quartz bowl filled with heart-shaped crystals in her home…. Goldie has been spotted shopping for new crystal pieces.

Khloe Kardashian. If you’ve watched an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians (admit it…you totally have), then you know full well that many of the Kardashian’s (and Jenner’s) have impressive crystal collections. They are often seen in crystal shops and have even filmed scenes for the show there.

More Celebrities Who Love Crystals. That is hardly the end of this list. There are tons of other stars that love to collect, use, and display crystals. A few more examples include: Victoria Beckham (who keeps crystals backstage at her fashion shows), Miranda Kerr (who carries a crystal wand in her purse), and Adele (who calms her nerves with crystals during concerts). There is also this amazing video, which highlights tons of celebrities who are into crystals, meditation, and the law of attraction. It is definitely worth a watch! 

Stars! They’re just like us. Some A-list celebrities have chosen to incorporate crystals and healing work into their every day lives. It goes to show that finding balance is essential…whatever your profession.

- Shannon

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