Thursday, 8 June 2017

Personality Traits and the Colour Purple

Colours are so much more than they appear. Sure, they add a little flair to our everyday lives, but each one is linked to specific meanings and characteristics. Take the colour purple for instance. It has a number of different interpretations. Since it is Purple Week here on Cosmic Positivity, it seems only right to explore them further….

What Purple Means

The colour purple has many possible meanings. It has often been associated with things like royalty, nobility, wealth, and luxury. However, it is also linked to feelings of creativity, deep wisdom, dignity, peace, independence, and magic. This shade can provide you with a sense of personal power and strength.

Personality Traits

If you are drawn to the colour purple (or it is your favourite colour), that indicates that you:
  • Are a sensitive and compassionate person. Your focus is on understanding, supporting, and helping others. You often think about other people before you consider your own needs.
  • Can be sensitive to negative comments or criticisms, but because of your independent streak, you rarely let that show.
  • Draw people to you with your natural charisma, charm, and energy.
  • Tend to be an introverted individual and may appear to be shy…though this is not always the case. You simply carry yourself with a quiet dignity.
  • Are an idealistic person with a vivid imagination. You spend a great deal of time thinking about the future or living in a fantasy world.
  • Have a creative spirit and inspire others to think and act creatively.

How To Add More Purple To Your Life

Does purple call to you? Make you happy? Speak to you in some way? Then it is a good idea to start incorporating it into your life as much as possible. There are a few ways to go about this, including: wearing purple accessories, placing purple crystals around your space (something like amethyst works well), or painting a room in your home.

If purple is not your favourite colour…. don’t worry. There are plenty more colour weeks coming up on Cosmic Positivity. Stay tuned!

Are you drawn to the colour purple?

- Shannon

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